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Webinar Recording: A Real-World Approach to Teaching Ethical Hacking

by  JBLearning     Apr 17, 2023

Ethical hacking is a crucial course for cybersecurity students, but their understanding of proactive cybersecurity activities, including pen testing and red teams, needs to be applicable to the real-world. Teaching ethical hacking is not just about teaching the tools. It’s also about process and how successful ethical hackers need to make contributions to business goals. In this webinar recording, Michael Solomon and Ray Chew discuss:

  • Techniques and approaches that you can apply to teaching Ethical Hacking in your classroom
  • Ways to strengthen student skills and reinforce learning through real-world examples
  • How to prepare your students to not only understand the technical aspects of ethical hacking, but also how they can connect their skills to a business’s goals
  • Teaching tips for instructors who are new to the cybersecurity classroom

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