Inclusive Access

Ensure All Students are Ready on Day 1 with Inclusive Access Options from Jones & Bartlett Learning


Jones & Bartlett Learning is pleased to join our premier partners in providing our best-selling textbooks in inclusive, day-one access formats.


Why Offer Day-One Inclusive Access?

  • Prepared for Class

    Access to course materials on the first day of class. Students opt-out as needed before the add/drop period.

  • Affordable

    Best price on digital course materials. Financial aid will apply.

  • Drive Sales

    Drive 100% of textbook sales through your campus store.

  • Improved Student Outcomes

    Student grades improved using interactive eBooks with note-taking, highlighting, and bookmarking features.

Why Offer Day-One Inclusive Access?
Adaeze Oguegbu, Lecturer, Online Master of Public Health, University of AZ
[Inclusive Access] is a positive improvement to the online classroom learning environment and is convenient to access, understand, and implement.

Retail Supervisor Textbook Service

Colin Robinson

How Does Inclusive Access Work?


Step 1

Campus store works with faculty and Jones & Bartlett Learning Representative to coordinate course materials and cost savings.
Set Up

Step 2

Set Up
Where applicable, faculty receive instructions to set up their course within the LMS to ensure access to digital materials.

Step 3

Campus store works with Jones & Bartlett Learning and eBook providers to fulfill adopted course materials.

Step 4

Students log into LMS and access their course materials on day one of class.

Step 5

Students have until the add/drop period to opt-in or opt-out. Students who opt-in are billed by the institution.

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