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What is Navigate?

Navigate transforms the traditional teaching and learning environment by bringing together authoritative and interactive content aligned to course objectives.

  • Access to Navigate course materials, including a complete eBook with interactive tools, is more affordable than the print textbook.
  • Customize and administer assignments, quizzes, graded activities, and content from external sources in Navigate for easy delivery to students.
  • Dashboards with learner and educator views provide access to real-time, actionable data.

2023 Enhancements

Improved Course Navigation

New Course Index allows users to move smoothly between course sections without needing to jump back to the course home page, making it easier to navigate and edit course contents. Additionally, the course settings menu is a mainstay at the top of each course page, displaying menu options that pertain to the item or page viewed in the course.

Course Activity Features & Notifications

New activity and resource icons help users easily discern between various resource and activity types. Instructors can now apply time limits to student assignments, and an option has been added to notify learners when course content is added or updated.

Improved Completion Tracking

When completion tracking is enabled, completion status is also reflected in the course index for quick and easy reference. Completion requirements per course item are now displayed in greater detail in line with the individual item on the main course page.

Customization Enhancements

The Editing On/Off button remains in the top right corner of Navigate, regardless of where you are in a course. Course items can be moved around between the main course page, course blocks, and the course index, allowing greater control in how instructors set up their courses.

Test Bank Enhancements

Test bank question stems can now be edited directly from within the test bank category list. The new Status and Version columns in the question bank enable instructors to pilot and track variations of the same question. The new “Last Used” column provides insight into when questions were last attempted in a quiz/exam.

New Accessibility Mode & Options

Accessibility mode includes a dyslexic font and an accessibility toolbar that, when enabled, allows users to customize font size and coloring for visual preference. The accessibility toolbar remains in the top right corner of Navigate throughout the course.


Interactive eBook

Complete readings online or offline* with a computer or mobile device. Use a built-in text-to-speech reader and create annotations and share notes with students. Review rich media content embedded within the text, in addition to reading comprehension checks and knowledge assessments.

*Offline use only available through Navigate eReader app on a mobile device.

Study Assets

Reinforce student comprehension of course materials with practice activities, flashcards, PowerPoints, TestPrep, case studies, simulations, and eBook animations and videos.

Study Assets vary by Navigate package.


Evaluate, measure, and track learning comprehension of course content using expertly written assessment items banks and robust digital analytics.


Access to Navigate course materials, including a complete eBook with interactive tools, is more affordable than the print textbook.

LMS Compatibility

Navigate is a fully hosted and supported online learning solution. Its same course contents are also available for integration within third party learning management applications, including Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace/Desire2Learn (D2L), and Moodle.


Dashboards with learner and educator views provide access to real time actionable data, including robust test item analysis, completion tracking, and student engagement metrics.

Support & Training

The Navigate Support team is available to help answer questions and provide guidance and best practices for managing your course and online content. We also offer a rich Training Library filled with tutorial videos and detailed guides to help both instructors and students master Navigate’s functions.

Tiered Course Packages

Differing levels of access meet the needs of traditional, hybrid, and distance learning courses for applicable titles.


Navigate utilizes a responsive design that allows it to be used on the most popular mobile devices, tablets, and desktops with your preferred operating system and web browser.

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