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Engaging the Faith-based Nurse

by  Jones & Bartlett Learning     Apr 4, 2022
Engaging the Faith-Based Nurse Exploring Nursing as Ministry Webinar
Explore the topic of nursing as ministry. Join authors Kristen Mauk and Mary Hobus as they discuss nursing in the context of ministry and how to guide practitioners on their own spiritual journey. In addition, Mauk and Hobus will discuss their text, Nursing as Ministry, which publishes later this fall. Join us for an informative and spirited discussion. About the text: Nursing as Ministry guides the reader through topics such as homelessness, substance abuse, community health, vulnerable elders, prison ministry, culturally sensitive care, and more. Additionally, the text is designed to guide the reader through their own spiritual journey, with personal reflection questions in each chapter to help students and nurses to internalize the content. Learn more about the text here:

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