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Customer Spotlight Q&A: Lynn University Pushes Student Learning to the Next Level with Navigate Scenarios

by  Jones & Bartlett Learning     May 15, 2023
In this Customer Spotlight, David Wolf, Professor & Academic Program Coordinator for Healthcare Management at Lynn University, speaks about his students experience using the Navigate Scenarios in his MBA program. Professor Wolf also conducted a survey of his MBA students' experience using the Navigate Scenarios, including their complexity, time to complete each scenario episode, and more. 

To learn about Professor Wolf's success with the Navigate Scenarios, as well as review his students' opinions about the Navigate Scenarios, download the full Customer Spotlight below using the link below. You can also check out the preview of the first few Q&As below.

Download Customer Spotlight →

Can you tell us about your organization and your role there?

I am the Professor and Academic Program Coordinator of the Healthcare Management program at Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL. Lynn University is a small, private university in South Florida. You can learn more about the university and our healthcare management program at

How long have you been using the Navigate Scenarios in your courses?

I pilot-tested the Scenarios with one student in a “directed study” course that went very well. I then used it in my capstone MBA class this semester which ended on March 4, 2023.

We understand you use the Scenarios alongside the text in your courses. What motivated you to add these interactive simulations to your courses?

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, I am looking for innovative pedagogical methods to assess student learning that does not necessarily use traditional quizzes and tests. This is especially true in our MBA program. I believe simulation is the future of healthcare education, and I intend to embed ALL of the scenarios within the undergraduate/graduate curriculum.

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