Career Education Solutions

At Jones & Bartlett Learning, we're committed to enriching both the traditional and nontraditional educational experience of today's students. Our Career Education Solutions provide trusted, industry leading content that is easily adaptable to your institution’s specific needs.

Our Career Education Solutions span a wide-variety of areas:
  • Biological, Physical, & Social Science
  • Computer Science & Cybersecurity
  • Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, & Public Administration
  • General Education Courses Powered by Junction Education
  • Economics Courses Powered by Junction Education
  • Health Sciences & Professions
  • Nursing & Medicine
  • Math & Engineering
Jones & Bartlett Learning Career Education Solutions deliver completely customizable print and digital course materials, including custom textbooks and eBooks, study and companion guides, individual chapters, and comprehensive educator and student resources. In addition, we offer flexible hosting options that integrate seamlessly into your current learning management system (LMS).

By partnering with Jones & Bartlett Learning, your institution will receive:
  • Customized content to meet your specific needs
  • Resource matching and curriculum building services to improve the breadth and quality of your programs
  • Wide range of text options to save you time in your search
  • Engaging instructor and student resources to strengthen each course
  • Fast and reliable service to accelerate your progress

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