Essential Public Health Series

Comprehensive, consistent, and clear—this series is unlike anything else available today.

Using a consistent design and structure including chapter objectives, discussion questions, as well as ample tables, charts, and figures, the series provides a familiar and comfortable format for students and faculty.

Series Covers

The Undergraduate Public Health Movement

The last decade has seen exponential growth in undergraduate public health education. There are currently as many or more bachelor’s degrees in public health granted each year as MPH degrees. This growth has been driven in large part by the recognition that the skills and knowledge of public health should be part of liberal arts education and that public health is an excellent preparation for a wide range of professions.

The Authors

The Essential Public Health series authors are highly regarded experts with experience and accolades within their field. They are experienced public health professors, many of whom have received teaching awards reflecting their skills and enthusiasm for teaching. The authors have worked together to ensure their books fit together as an integrated whole.

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