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What is Navigate?

Navigate is a comprehensive online learning management solution (LMS) for contemporary e-learning. The Navigate platform empowers instructors to transform traditional teaching and learning environments by combining authoritative and interactive content aligned to course objectives.

What are the differences between the levels of Navigate packages?

Many titles offer a selection of prescribed digital course packages to conveniently match your educational and/or budgetary circumstances. Each package ISBN contains a unique blend of online tools and resources to help meet the needs of traditional, hybrid, and distance learning courses. Packages can be purchased as digital-only or as bundles with the printed textbook. Select the individual packages displayed on applicable catalog pages to review more details by title, or you may contact an Account Manager to discuss the differences in options and which one might best fit your needs.

How can I get access to Navigate?

As an instructor, you will be provided with your very own Navigate course package of your choice, replete with supplemental e-learning assets for your course adopted title, entirely free of charge. The course ID assigned to your course is used during the enrollment process as students sign-in and access your course. Ready to speak with a representative to request a course ID for your upcoming class? Prefer to try Navigate first before deciding? Please contact your Account Manager to request free access today!

As a student, you may access Navigate at any time by redeeming an Access Code. Access codes are typically enclosed within your Jones & Bartlett Learning physical textbook. When individual digital access to Navigate is purchased online, your product will automatically appear within your Jones & Bartlett Learning user account after payment. When you purchase more than one access code online, the codes will be delivered via email.

Students may use their access to enroll in an instructor-led course or elect to enter an Open Enrollment course and enjoy access to many of the same online resources as they would in an instructor-led course. It’s important to note that when a student is enrolling in an instructor-led course, they must acquire and redeem a code that is for the same ISBN as the course package selected by their instructor.

What is a Course ID?

A course ID is a 6-digit alphanumeric code that identifies an individual unique course assigned to the adopting institution. Course IDs are required in the event a student is enrolling in an instructor-led online course to ensure they enroll in the correct course.

What is an Access Code?

An Access Code is a 10-digit numerical code required to access a JB Learning product. You may redeem your Access Code at any time. Each individual user needs their own unique Access Code to register to use an online JB Learning product.

What is an “Open Enrollment” Navigate course?

Open Enrollment courses are available for enrollment by any individual who has redeemed an applicable access code. Open Enrollment courses are public and are not managed by an instructor or institution. While some Navigate features and assessment content are accessible to instructors only, Open Enrollment courses provide access to the same student-level digital assets available in instructor-led courses.

Where can I find my Navigate Access Code?

Access Codes may be printed on the inside cover or card enclosed within the shrink-wrapped packaging of your physical textbook.

Alternatively, individual Access Codes may be purchased separately online and are delivered digitally in real-time. If you purchase digital access-only in bulk for a class, the Access Codes will be automatically sent to the email address you provide.

Where can I find self-help resources for Navigate?

We offer an extensive online library of instructional resources for both instructors and students to ensure you have the guidance needed to independently and successfully operate Navigate tools and resources. The Navigate Training Library may be accessed here.

How do I add other instructors to my course ID?

All instructors are granted complimentary online access to their institution’s course IDs. Adopting instructors should contact our Technical Support team to request access on behalf of their staff. The new instructors must then redeem their codes and enroll in their applicable course ID before being promoted to an instructor role by the course’s lead/original instructor. For detailed steps, please refer to the Add Other Instructors section in the Navigate Training Library.

What are Interactive Lectures?

Exclusive to select Navigate Premier packages, an Interactive Lecture functions as a self-guided presentation in which each slide is accompanied by interactive features and resources. Depending on the course, lectures may include recorded narration and integrated learning assessment tools. Overall, Interactive Lectures are an excellent e-learning resource for a hybrid or flipped classroom.

What is TestPrep?

TestPrep is a testing preparatory tool designed to help students practice and assess their knowledge to successfully pass modular and comprehensive exams. TestPrep provides a wholly separate and expertly written test bank dedicated to self-paced student practice and assessment. The tool’s powerful analytics provides instructors data-driven insights and reporting at the individual and class level.

Can I access my eBook offline?

Absolutely! Maintaining a network connection, even in this modern digital world, can be both challenging and expensive. We help ensure accessibility to your eBook by making it available for download and offline use within our Navigate eReader 2.0 mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Please review the Use eBook on a Mobile Device support document/video in our Training Library to ensure an optimal experience.

What devices are compatible with Navigate?

Navigate utilizes a responsive design which allows it to be used on the most popular mobile devices and desktops, operating systems, and browser combinations. Please refer to the Systems Requirements section on our support page for more information.

Is Navigate compatible with other Learning Management Systems?

Jones & Bartlett Learning content is now available to customers through a Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI)-Based Cartridge. This delivery method empowers institutions by giving them greater independence and flexibility with how they use Jones & Bartlett Learning content.

Using the new Jones & Bartlett Learning LTI-Based Cartridge, your institution can securely import launch URLs directly into your learning management system (LMS). This solution delivers Jones & Bartlett Learning content to learners, including eBooks, interactive videos, TestPrep study tools, interactive lectures, simulations, cybersecurity cloud labs, and more. LTI-Based Cartridges are compatible with the major LMS platforms—Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and Brightspace.

In addition, Navigate offers two integration options for the Canvas and Blackboard Learn platforms. The system pairings consist of a link or portal within your local environment which provides users with a single-sign-on (SSO) function

Please ask your Account Manager for more information.

What security measures are used to protect my user information?

Security of your personal information is of the utmost importance to us. We use administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect the security of your personal information from unauthorized disclosure. We take reasonable security measures to secure your personal information against unauthorized access, loss, use, disclosure or alteration by third parties and unauthorized employees. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, the industry standard for secure online transmissions.

To review more information about our Data Privacy and Security policies and practices, click here. For details specific to California state policy, please review this page.

How are your products accessible for those with learning disabilities?

Please review information on our Accessibility compliance and commitments to learners and educators alike on the website’s Accessibility page. More information may be provided by your Account Manager as needed. Upon request, we may also complete questionnaires, forms, or other documentation relating to accessibility, IT security, and privacy as required by your institution.

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