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Getting Started

First Day of Class

Welcome to Navigate! This section will help you create a User Account, access your course, and learn your way around the platform. Let’s get started!

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Change My Time Zone

This section contains instructions for how to change the time zone setting of your profile to ensure that the course clock in sync with your local time. Please note: The default time zone setting for your profile is set to Eastern Standard Time (US).

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Take a Quiz

This section contains instructions on how you can access and take an assigned quiz from their instructor.

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Review my Quiz Results

This section contains instructions on how to review quiz results in Navigate. Please note: Your ability to review quiz scores and feedback may be limited by your instructor. Consult with your course administrator or instructor in the event they are hidden from you.

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Download the Audiobook

This section provides instructions on how to locate and download a chapter from the audiobook to your personal computer.

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Submit an Assignment

This section will help you submit your work online for a Navigate course assignment. Please note: The steps for submitting your work may vary depending on the assignment parameters chosen by your instructor.

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Use TestPrep

This section provides an overview of TestPrep. The steps below include instructions on how to use the testing modes available, view your practice test results, and analyze and track your progress.

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Use Interactive Lectures

This section provides you with an overview of the features within Interactive Lectures

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Use the eBook

This section contains a walkthrough of a variety of features within the eBook, such as annotations, text-to-speech, and bookmarking. It is intended to show students how to make the most of the eBook’s capabilities. Please note: eBook features and asset types will vary by title.

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Course Access & Enrollment

Log In to Navigate

This section contains instructions to help you log in to Navigate.

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Redeem an Access Code as a New User

This section contains instructions on how to redeem a 10-digit access code and create a new user account to start your access to a Jones & Bartlett Learning digital product.

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Redeem an Access Code as an Existing User

This section contains instructions for redeeming a Jones & Bartlett Learning access code within an existing User Account online.

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Reset My Password

This section contains instructions for resetting a forgotten password for your Navigate user account. The process is the same for both students and instructors.

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Personalize and Manage My User Account

This section provides an overview of options for managing your personal user account. It covers navigating your account tabs, nicknaming and hiding products and courses, and changing your contact information.

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