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Introducing the Navigate Scenario series. With content aligned to our best-selling textbooks, these scenarios are designed to prepare your students for success in the real world of health care management and administration. In these virtual simulations, your students will take on the role of CEO, Marketing Consultant, Quality Improvement Director, Health Policy intern, and many others. Immersed in a photo-realistic world with a full cast of characters, they will be faced with challenging situations and tough decision making.

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Navigate Scenario: Health Care Delivery

Health Care Delivery

The student assumes the role of a Health Care Operations consultant at a large Health Care system. In each episode, the student will progress through a series of different settings and character interactions that will teach them about key concepts in Health Care Delivery. The student will analyze information, make decisions, and see the impact of their participation in real time.

  • Episode 1: The New System
  • Episode 2: Financial Issues
  • Episode 3: Customer Satisfaction
  • Episode 4: Expansion

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Navigate Scenario: Health Policy

Health Policy

The student assumes various roles within the Health Care legislation process to develop and implement health care policy. In each episode, the student will progress through a series of different settings and character interactions that will teach them about key concepts in Health Policy.

  • Episode 1: Policy Analysis and Development
  • Episode 2: Going from Policy to Law
  • Episode 3: Implementing Policy in the Health Care System
  • Episode 4: Evaluation a Health Care Policy

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Navigate Scenario: Health Care Finance

Health Care Finance

The student assumes roles such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Board Member, and applies their knowledge of health care finance to make decisions that directly impact hospitals and patients, such as whether to relocate a hospital facility and whether to propose a bond to finance a major hospital renovation.

  • Episode 1: Critical Case for Billing & Code
  • Episode 2: Rates Negotiation Crisis
  • Episode 3: Firm Financial Position or Not?
  • Episode 4: To Move or Not to Move

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Navigate Scenario: Health Care Marketing

Health Care Marketing

Recently Bright Road Health Care System has experienced a downward trend in its number of patients. The student assumes the role of a health care marketing consultant to work with different areas of the Health Care System to make marketing recommendations in the areas of differentiation, positioning, customer retention, and market responsiveness.

  • Episode 1: Staying Relevant
  • Episode 2: Patient Engagement
  • Episode 3: Patient Satisfaction
  • Episode 4: How Are We Doing?

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Navigate Scenario: Health Care Law

Health Care Law

The student assumes the role of a new Health Care Administrator within the Bright Road Health Care System, where they will review legal cases and assess the Health Care System’s legal risks and liabilities. Bright Road’s General Counsel will act as the student’s mentor, helping them navigate difficult legal concepts.

  • Episode 1: Hospital Nightmare
  • Episode 2: Medication Errors
  • Episode 3: The Wrong Body Part
  • Episode 4: Failure to Obtain Consent

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Navigate Scenario: Health Care Ethics

Health Care Ethics

The student assumes various roles within the Health Care System, where they will be presented with ethical dilemmas and various opposing viewpoints. In some cases, the “right” decision can be subjective, and the student will need to use ethical decision-making skills to defend their choice.

  • Episode 1: Equipment Purchase
  • Episode 2: Stockpiling
  • Episode 3: Labor and Delivery Services
  • Episode 4: Confidentiality

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Navigate Scenario: Health Care Human Resources

Health Care Human Resources

The student assumes roles such as HIM department manager, HR assistant, and manager of the Blood Bank/Immunology unit. The student will apply their knowledge of HR to make decisions that directly impact hospital employees, such as how to address the threat of impending budget cuts, how to handle a potential discrimination issue, and how to develop a strategy to increase staff morale.

  • Episode 1: Overview: More Help Needed—Now!
  • Episode 2: Understanding Employee Rights
  • Episode 3: The Silent Group
  • Episode 4: The Repeat Offender

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Navigate Scenario: Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

The student assumes the role of a newly promoted manager at a software company. In this new position, effectively handling office politics will play an important role in your success. In each episode, the student will progress through a series of different settings and character interactions that will teach them about key concepts in Organizational Behavior.

  • Episode 1: Behavior Influences
  • Episode 2: Group Development
  • Episode 3: Teams and Team Building
  • Episode 4: Leadership

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For Institutions/Faculty

  1. Provide an impactful learning experience that can be easily integrated to your existing curriculum and delivered online, on ground, or hybrid.
  2. Assess student engagement with new built-in assessment quizzes that report directly to the Navigate gradebook.
  3. Faculty and student support tools will ensure a seamless learning experience. A training portal containing a variety of resources will provide students and educators with additional guidance.
  4. For assistance with Access Codes, log-in issues, or using the Navigate Scenarios, visti our Technical Support.

For Students

  1. Access content easily around the clock, 24x7x365, and around the globe. Students can access sessions on their schedule, practice at their own speed, and reuse as many times as they need.
  2. Prepare for real-world challenges in the high demand healthcare field. Practice critical thinking and communication skills and apply classroom knowledge to industry specific situations.
  3. Gain the advantage with this first-of-its-kind learning environment that lets students play the role of decision-maker.


Download the FAQs

Can I use the Navigate Scenario if I’m not using a Jones & Bartlett Learning text? What is the cost?

Yes. You can use Navigate Scenario by itself or with a competing text for $49.95.

What is the pricing when it is used with a Jones & Bartlett Learning ebook?

The price is the cost of the ebook +$20 (for one scenario) and +$15 for each additional scenario. For a print book, the price is the cost of the book + $15 for the first scenario, and $10 for each additional scenario.

How many episodes or situations are there for each product (e.g. Organizational Behavior)?

: For each Navigate Scenario product there are 4 different episodes or situations. Each episode has 8 scenes with different characters weighing in on the topic of that episode.

Are the scenarios time limited?

No, they are not.

As an instructor, how do I access these?

The first step is to reach out to your account manager to get set up with a demo course access code/account. Once you’ve decided to use the product, you will receive an access code that you can redeem on the My Account page on the Jones & Bartlett Learning website.

How long does it take to complete all the scenarios in a given Navigate Scenario product?

Each episode in a scenario takes about 45 minutes (depending on the student) to complete. Therefore, the full product would take the typical student about 3 hours to complete.

Does this integrate with Canvas or LMS?

Yes, it’s possible. Contact your account manager.

Is this suitable for use in an online class?


How do the scenarios relate to content in a text?

The scenarios are book agnostic, but relate to the content in the course. We can provide competency mappings of a scenario to your text if that is helpful.

As my students work through a scenario is their progress saved?

No, student progress isn’t saved as they work through a scenario. However, the navigation bar (at the top right-hand corner) makes it easy for students to quickly jump to any scene in an episode at any time.

Do my students need to complete all the assessments (written assessments and assessment quizzes) to complete a scenario?

All assessments are assigned at the instructor’s discretion. Instructors can decide whether or not to assign them to their students.

Are the assessment quizzes auto-graded?

Yes, the assessment quizzes are auto-graded and feed into the Navigate gradebook (set up by the instructor). A student can attempt these quizzes as many times as they wish, and their score will be overwritten each time. We do recommend saving a copy of their work as proof of completion.

Is there a word count limit on written assignments?

: No. While written assignment instructions will often recommend a target word count range the scenarios do not limit the number of words a learner can enter in their response.

Are written assessments saved across multiple sessions?

No, they are not. If a student wishes to work on a written assessment over multiple sessions, they can compose their answers on their local device, then add it to the text field in the episode.

Can you mix and match episodes from different scenarios (e.g. Law and Ethics)?

You need to buy the full scenario with the 4 episodes that come with it. There is no mixing and matching. You can, however, buy multiple scenarios for a single book or course.

Are there fees associated with the faculty/staff My Account login?

There are no fees to create a professor/faculty account at Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Have the modules been updated since it was rolled out as LearnScapes?

Yes, the technology has been upgraded and now uses HTML 5 (instead of Flash). Also, the Health Care Delivery product has been redone. It contains the same case scenarios, just updated.

How many Navigate Scenarios are there?

There are 8 different Health Administration Topic Areas: Healthcare Delivery, Healthcare Ethics, Healthcare Finance, Healthcare Human Resources, Health Policy, Healthcare Marketing, Healthcare Law and Organizational Behavior.

Are more subject areas being built out?

Not yet. Contact us if you’d like to see additional products outside the 8 currently offered in Health Administration.

Are there scenarios from the clinician and direct services perspective vs. the health administration and marketing perspective?

Not yet. However, were open to hearing about other areas you’d like to see these scenarios.

What level are these suited to?

They are suitable for use at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Is there an Instructor’s Manual?

Yes. Each product comes with an Instructor’s Manual which includes a storyline summary, character list, episode overviews, learning outcomes addressed and answers to assessment quizzes.

What is the recommended browser for this content?

Chrome is the recommended browser. Students can use other browsers, but should revert to Chrome if they encounter any difficulty.

Getting Started is easy

  1. Identify the area of your course that you would like to improve. Navigate Scenarios can be used to simplify a difficult topic area and increase student engagement.
  2. Choose the Navigate Scenarios that best suit your course needs.
  3. Contact your Account Manager for an in-depth demo. During the demo, you will learn how you and your students will interact with the Navigate Scenarios.
  4. Work with your Account Manager to order your Navigate Scenarios. Contact your Account Manager today.
  5. Insert the Navigate Scenarios into your current lesson plan as homework, an in-class activity, or an exercise to reinforce difficult conceptual topics.