Jones & Bartlett Learning Cybersecurity - FAQs



The Information Systems Security & Assurance (ISSA) Series is an entry-level cybersecurity curriculum solution composed of 15 textbooks, accompanied by hands-on Cloud Labs and a robust offering of instructor resources.

Cloud Labs are virtual and theory-based labs that utilize Jones & Bartlett Learning's proprietary training platform to deliver hands-on exercises using live virtual machines, real software, and robust network topologies.

The ISSA series is a collection of uniformly branded and structured textbooks accompanied by optional Cloud Labs for each title.

The ISSA Series and Cloud Labs provide a valuable content library for building a new cybersecurity program or expanding your existing one.

Mapping guides are available for individual certifications, including Security+, Network+, and Certified Ethical Hacker. We also offer mapping guides for curriculum frameworks such as the CAE-CD Knowledge Units, the NICE Framework, and CSEC 2017.

Yes! We offer a variety of additional cybersecurity and IT textbooks, many of which are also available with Cloud Labs.


Cloud Labs allow students to practice with professional-grade security tools, interact with malware, and perform live exploits, all from the safety of our private cloud and without the need for on-site deployments.

Cloud Labs are browser-based and can run from any modern browser that supports HTML5, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Chromium-based versions of Edge. Cloud Labs also require a minimum network bandwidth of 0.8 Mbps and latency levels below 100 ms for optimal performance.

Yes, Cloud Labs can be integrated into all major Learning Management Systems, with or without access codes.


If you are interested in using the ISSA series or Cloud Labs at your institution, please contact your Account Manager. To purchase textbooks or Cloud Labs, visit to make a direct purchase.

No, you can use ISSA textbooks and JBL Cloud Labs as separate products, but we recommend using them together.

If any of our existing textbook or lab packages don't quite fit your institution's needs, contact your Account Manager to discuss developing custom textbooks or custom lab packages that pull individual chapters and labs from multiple Jones & Bartlett Learning products.


The standard subscription length for JBL Cloud Labs is six months (180 days).

Students can access Cloud Labs from laptops, desktops, or keyboard-equipped tablets with an internet connection. Students can connect to Cloud Labs via the Navigate platform on or through their institution's Learning Management System (LMS) if their institution uses an integration.

A unique instructor Course ID is recommended for instructors using the Navigate platform on, but not required.


Yes, mappings between textbook chapters and Cloud Labs are available in the sample syllabi offered in the Instructor Resources.

The Learning Objectives for each lab activity are provided in the on-screen Lab Guide under the Introduction section.

The textbooks and Cloud Labs may be considered loosely coupled. While each Cloud Lab is designed to align with a specific chapter in the corresponding textbook, the textbooks and labs are also designed to be used independently.

Mapping guides are available for individual certifications, including Security+, Network+, and Certified Ethical Hacker. We also offer mapping guides for curriculum frameworks such as the CAE-CD Knowledge Units, the NICE Framework, and CSEC 2017.

Grading and Analytics

As they progress through the lab, students will be prompted to take screen captures and provide text-based responses at key steps. At the end of the lab, students will be able to download their collected deliverables as a Lab Report.

While student progress is measured and reported to instructors via the Instructor Dashboard, instructors will still need to manually review student Lab Reports to verify that the screenshots match the Sample Lab Reports offered in the Instructor Resources. For a streamlined grading experience, we also offer short 5-10 multiple-choice assessment quizzes that can be deployed and automatically scored in any major LMS.

Depending on the instructor's preference, students can submit their Lab Reports to their instructor via email, LMS, or directly through the Cloud Lab platform.

Instructors have access to graphical analytics for Time on Task, Lab Progress, and Completed Sections within the Instructor Dashboard.


Level 1 technical support for common issues is available via phone and email 24/7/365. However, due to the breadth and technical depth of the third-party software used in the labs, we find that most student questions are related to the content of the labs, not the platform. For content issues like these, technical support will escalate the ticket to the Product Management team for review during regular business hours. Product Management will identify if the issue is a typo, environmental issue, or user error. Issues identified as user errors will typically be resolved to recommend that users review their prior work, reset the lab environment, or reach out to their instructor.

To contact technical support, email [email protected] or call: U.S. Toll Free: 800-832-0034 | Switchboard: +1-978-443-5000

Students are prompted with a Tutorial outlining the most common lab tasks when they first connect to the Cloud Lab platform. This tutorial is available for reference at any time from the Student Dashboard.

Instructors have access to a detailed demonstration video. Instructors can also request a live onboarding session from their Account Manager.