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Jones & Bartlett Learning is pleased to offer complete online courses backed by powerful adaptive learning technology. Each course blends content and resources from our best-selling textbooks with Open Educational Resource (OER) videos to deliver a seamless online learning experience.

Intuitive design makes each online course accessible for both instructors and students, while also meeting the needs of today’s modern classroom. By using video to introduce learning objectives, students are quickly and efficiently able to build a basic understanding of key concepts. Each course offers faculty real-time insights on student progress enabling them to tailor lessons, help struggling students and address challenging topics in greater detail.

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For Instructors

For Students

Smart Design

Courses are built around text chapters and aligned to course learning objectives, making it easy for instructors to implement and for students to use.

OER Resources

Video OER’s are incorporated into lessons and offer practical application to enhance learning.


Real-time insights allow instructors to identify and differentiate struggling and disengaged students.


Each course is easily customized, enabling instructors to add or remove lessons, change titles or swamp out presentation slides.


Courses features a variety of assessments found in practice activities to graded lesson quizzes. Lesson quizzes are auto graded, saving instructors time while providing students with real-time feedback on their progress.

LMS Integration

Courses integrate with all major Learning Management Systems and offers Single Sign-On (SSO) as well as gradebook integration with these platforms.

WCAG 2.0 Compliant

The platform is designed to meet or exceed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) standards for accessibility.

Easily Editable

Courses are easy to customize – add lessons, change titles or swap a set of slides – all point and click.


Create assessments with multiple-choice, mathematical and chemical equations, matching, graphing, hotspots, and audio.


Get real-time student engagement indicators and time on task in addition to assessment scores.

LMS Integration

Get Single Sign-On (SSO) and gradebook integration with all major LMS platforms.

Engaging Videos

The best available videos from YouTube and Vimeo are incorporated throughout the course.

Cloud Delivered

Start a session on your laptop in the library, continue from your tablet on the bus, and finish on your smartphone before work.

Learning GPS

This course provides personalized guidance of where to focus during each study session.

Real-Time Messaging

Message anyone in your class at any time—without needing to know their email address or phone number.


Health Professions

Anatomy & Physiology

ISBN: 9781284229172

Learn More

Health Professions

Introduction to Health Professions

ISBN: 9781284229165

Learn More

Health Professions

Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals

ISBN: 9781284229141

Learn More

Health Professions

Medical Terminology

ISBN: 9781284227079

Learn More

Health Professions

Phlebotomy Essentials

ISBN: 9781284229158

Learn More

Health Professions

A Short Course in Medical Terminology

ISBN: 9781284972207

Learn More


Nursing Informatics

ISBN: 9781284189667

Learn More

Public Health

Delivering Health Care in America

ISBN: 9781284189650

Learn More



ISBN: 9781284184082

Learn More


What is unique about the adaptive courseware platform?

The platform delivers engaging, effective, and affordable adaptive courses designed for face-to-face, hybrid, or online learning. The platform replaces your textbook or textbook package (such as MyLab, Connect, or MindTap).

The unique blend of courseware takes all of the materials you would find in a typical syllabus including quizzes and assessments, readings, videos, articles, discussion boards and more, and weaves them together into a simple learning experience. And the platform is designed to be simple to use. Instructors get the benefit of LMS integration and turn-key courses ready to use out-of-the-box, with editing tools to easily customize their course.

And students get an engaging, curated experience, that is the same on web browser, tablet, or phone. To date, over 82% of students prefer this delivery vehicle to alternatives, many of which are up to 5x the price.

We believe in fair, transparent pricing with no hidden or add-on fees.

How is this adaptative platform better than a textbook or textbook/courseware package?

Our adaptive platform is designed around how today’s students learn. More than 79% of students start studying by seeking out short-form videos and then discover additional study resources on the web spanning terms and definitions, study guides, flashcards and more.

Subject matter experts discover, evaluate and curate these study resources, align them to learning objectives, and weave them into a complete course experience blending together with premium content.

Combine rich video, flash cards, textbooks, assessments, an early warning system, video office hours, secure in-app messaging, learning insights and more—at an affordable price—and you get a learning experience that is more engaging, rewarding, and affordable than using a traditional textbook by itself.

Does the adaptive platform integrate with my LMS (Blackboard, Moodle, Desire2Learn, Canvas)?

The platform is LTI compliant supports all major learning management systems including, but not limited to Blackboard, Moodle, Desire2Learn, and Canvas for single-sign-on (SSO), roster integration, and gradebook sync.

Can I customize an adaptive course to better align with how I teach?

Yes! the platform is designed to put the power back in the hands of instructors to simply and easily customize any aspect of the course—from point-and-click editing of titles and descriptions, to changing videos, to inserting your lecture slides, study guides or additional teaching materials.

How do I access the adaptive courseware? Do I need to download or install anything?

The courseware is an HTML5 application that works in any modern web browser (we prefer Chrome, as do 44% of our users). That said, we also support recent versions of Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. All you need is a device with an internet connection and a supported browser point to our adaptive courseware and you’re good to go!

We require no separate downloads or plugins, but Junction Education, our technology partner, has built an iOS app.

Can I access junction on my mobile device?

Of course! The technology is a touch-enabled responsive HTML5 application that was optimized to work on all platforms,including. mobile devices. The best part is that the courseware works exactly the same on mobile devices as it does on a computer.

There is an iPad app available in the Apple App Store. Users of other tablets can use the web app via their browsers.

How do students access the adaptive courseware?

Institutions and instructors have two choices. First, we can set-up single sign-on from your LMS. In this case, students get a link on their course home page that takes them directly to their course—no registration, no codes, just a click.

The second option is to register directly with our purchase page. In this case, students would create an account on our website, and receive a code to register for their specific course and section.

Do you distribute access codes to campus bookstores?

If desired, yes. We work with your bookstore to distribute physical or virtual code cards.

Who provides technical support for these courses?

Support is provided by the Junction Education support team.

Can I deliver assessments such as midterms and finals in my LMS?

Within the instructor resources for these courses, we provide LMS-ready test banks for the major LMS platforms that can be imported into your LMS.