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Introduction to MATLAB & SIMULINK: A Project Approach, Third Edition

Author(s): Ottmar Beucher
Michael Weeks, Georgia State University
  • ISBN-13: 9781934015049
  • Paperback    400 pages      © 2008
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This book provides the optimal introduction to MATLAB and Simulink, the primary tools in engineering, science, and industry for simulating dynamic systems. Using the latest versions of the software, the book features 20 hands-on projects that provide a practical mastery of the subject areas including the code and executable files. Apart from a basic knowledge of mathematics and physics, no further specialist knowledge is necessary. There are also over 80, in-text, exercises where readers themselves can check their mastery of the material.

Features & Benefits

Contains over 20 hands-on projects in MATLAB(with code) integrated throughout the book. 

Includes a complete introduction to Simulink.

Accompanied by a CD-ROM containing MATLAB examples, source code, & projects. 

Suitable for self-study and professional licensing exams. 

Designed for the reader who does not have extensive math and programming experience. 

Contains many practical applications of MATLAB and Simulink. 

Part 1. Introduction to MATLAB.
Part 2. Introduction to Simulink.
Part 3. Self-Study with Solutions to the Exercises.
Part 4. Projects.
Accompanying Software Index.
MATLAB Cue Index.
About the CD-ROM.

Ottmar Beucher

Ottmar Beucher is a professor of mathematics, computer science, and numerical signal processing in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mecatronics of the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe, Germany . He has many years of experience in the field of MATLAB/Simulink and is also the author of other books in this field.

Michael Weeks-Georgia State University

Michael Weeks is an associate professor at Georgia State University where he teaches courses in Digital Signal Processing. He holds a PhD in computer engineering from University of Louisiana and has authored or co-authored numerous journal and conference papers.

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ISBN-13: 9781934015049

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