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Trench Rescue Operational Field Guide

Author(s): Cecil "Buddy" V. Martinette Jr.
  • ISBN-13: 9781890306649
  • ISBN-10:1890306649
  • Spiral/paperback    56 pages      © 2002
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The Trench Rescue Operational Field Guide is designed to reinforce key trench rescue information contained in the book, Trench Rescue.  The guide also serves as a quick reference tool to assist rescue personnel with trench rescue incident decision making.

The Trench Rescue Operational Field Guide includes:

  • Easy-to-reference Table of Contents
  • Trench rescue decision making consideration
  • Assessment considerations for time of alarm and arrival
  • Hazard control considerations
  • General requirements for all trench incidents
  • Trench terminology
  • Trench incident management and support functions
  • Types of trench collapses
  • Types of soils
  • Soil testing procedures
  • Personal protective equipment requirements
  • Equipment for trench rescue operations
  • Suggested tools list for trench rescue
  • Air bag operations in trench rescue
  • The use of cribbing and wedges
  • Atmospheric monitoring considerations
  • Procedures for intersecting and non-intersecting trenches
  • Samples trench rescue tactical worksheet



Table of Contents

Trench Rescue Decision Making
Trench Rescue Assessment
Trench Rescue General Requirements
Trench Terminology
Incident Management
Types of Trench Collapse
Types of Soils
Soils Testing Procedures
Personal Protective Equipment
Equipment for Trench Rescue Operations
Suggested Tools List for Trench Rescue
Air Bages for Trench Rescue
Cribbing and Wedges
Atmospheric Monitoring for Trench Rescue
Specific Procedures
Considerations for All Trenches
Straight Wall Trench
Inside Wales
"T" Trench
"L" Trench
Deep Wall Trench

Cecil "Buddy" V. Martinette Jr.

Cecil V. "Buddy" Martinette Jr. is a career fire and rescue professional whose work experiences range from firefighter to Chief to Assistant County Administrator.  He is currently the fire chief in Wilmington North Carolina.  Chief Martinette started his career as a volunteer firefighter in the Virginia Beach Fire Department where he spent twenty-five years leaving as a Battalion Chief and Chief Fire Marshall.  He has also been the Chief of the Lynchburg Fire and EMS Department in Lynchburg Virginia and Assistant County Administrator in Hanover County Virginia.     

Mr. Martinette holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Administration from Hampton University and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Troy State University. He is also a graduate of the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program where he received the 2003 Executive Leadership Outstanding Research Award.  Chief Martinette has received the designation of "Chief Fire Officer" by the Commission on Chief Fire Officer Designation.

Previously Buddy was an Instructor III with the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Fire Programs. He also served as a FEMA Incident Support Team Operations Officer and Task Force Leader for Virginia Task Force II, of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Urban Search and Rescue Program.  His Urban Search and Rescue experience includes the Colonial Heights Wal-Mart Collapse, deployments for hurricanes Floyd, Fran, Francis, Charlie, Ivan, Katrina, and Rita and also the Murrah Federal Building Bombing and 9-11 Pentagon collapse.

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