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Evidence-Based Nursing: The Research-Practice Connection, Third Edition

Author(s): Sarah Jo Brown, PhD, RN, Consultant Emeritus, Evidence-Based Practice
  • ISBN-13: 9781449697495
  • Product With Access Code    480 pages      © 2014
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....this book offers information that benefits any bedside nurses interested in improving their skills. Evidence-Based Nursing: The Research Practice Connection helps readers understand how to appraise research at the critical thinking level.  Review by the Critical Care Nurse Journal - August 2013

Read the full review from the Critical Care Nurse Journal

Evidence-Based Nursing: The Research-Practice Connection, Third Edition introduces students to research methods and evidence-based practice (EBP).  Written in an accessible style, the content moves readers through understanding how research is produced to appraisal at the critical thinking level. Timely information links evidence-based practice to recent work in the Safety and Quality programs that are underway in healthcare and nursing.

Key Features:

  • Offers five common research designs, systematic reviews, and clinical practice guidelines by using a consistent, easy-to-read "Why-How-What" approach.
  • Exemplar research reports include “Profile and Commentary” that explain results of studies and help students better understand the methodological components of a study

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  Part  I  Nursing Research
  Chapter  1  The Research–Practice Connection
  Chapter  2  Research Evidence
  Chapter  3  Reading Research Articles
  Chapter  4  Qualitative Research
  Chapter  5  Descriptive Research
  Chapter  6  Correlational Research
  Chapter  7  Experimental Research
  Chapter  8  Cohort Research
  Chapter  9  Systematic Reviews With an Emphasis on Integrative Research Reviews
  Chapter  10   Evidence-­Based Clinical Practice Guidelines
  Part  II   Evidence-Based Practice
  Chapter  11  Asking Clinical Questions
  Chapter  12  Searching for Research Evidence
  Chapter  13  Appraising Research Evidence
  Chapter  14   Appraising Recommendations of Clinical Practice Guidelines
  Chapter  15  Appraising Conclusions of Integrative Research Reviews
  Chapter  16  Appraising Findings of Original Studies
  Chapter  17  Evidence-Based Practice
  Chapter  18  Evidence-Based Practice Participation Scenarios
  Chapter  19   Research-Informed Practice
Appendix  A  Appraisal Guide: Recommendations of a Clinical Practice Guideline
Appendix  B   Completed Appraisal: Recommendations of a Clinical Practice Guideline
Appendix  C  Appraisal Guide: Conclusions of an Integrative Research Review
Appendix  D  Completed Appraisal: Conclusions of an Integrative Research Review
Appendix  E  Appraisal Guide: Findings of a Qualitative Study
Appendix  F   Appraisal Guide: Findings of a Quantitative Study
Appendix  G   Completed Appraisal: Findings of a Quantitative Study
Appendix  H   Completed Findings Table
Appendix  I  A Partial List of Evidence-Based, Point-of-Care, Summary Resources

Sarah Jo Brown, PhD, RN-Consultant Emeritus, Evidence-Based Practice

Dr. Brown taught research courses with an evidence-based practice emphasis to undergraduate and graduate students and consulted with hospitals and home care agencies to develop evidence-based care protocols and standardized plans of care. 

In addition to being an evidence-based practice consultant, Dr. Brown has worked in clinical and academic settings. She enjoys devising ways to explain research in ways that engage nurses who have the preconceived idea that research is not relevant to practice or is too difficult to read and understand. 

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ISBN-13: 9781449697495

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