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The Game Production Handbook, Third Edition

Author(s): Heather Maxwell Chandler, Founder and Executive Producer, Media Sunshine, Inc.
  • ISBN-13: 9781449688097
  • Paperback    468 pages      © 2014
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A Fully Updated Edition of the Definitive Text on Game Production

The Game Production Handbook, Third Edition gives producers, leads, and studio managers all the information they need in order to successfully develop a game from concept to release-ready gold master. Fully revised and updated to reflect the rapidly evolving game development landscape, the third edition of this definitive and best-selling text covers pre-production, production, testing, and code release, as well as more specific topics including voiceovers, mo-cap shoots, marketing, localizations, managing external contractors, writing documentation, and project management practices.

All-new material in the third edition includes new sections on mobile gaming and product management, an overview of useful production tools, and new interviews with industry professionals who offer an insider’s view of successful game development as well as highly relevant real-world examples that contextualize the resources provided by the text. A detailed case study of a fictitious game project illustrates the production cycle, documentation, and other key production concepts. Accessible enough for beginners and comprehensive enough for experienced developers, The Game Production Handbook, Third Edition is an invaluable standalone text for students and professionals alike.

Prepare students to successfully enter the exciting world of game development with The Game Production Handbook, Third Edition.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully revised and updated to reflect the rapidly-changing gaming industry
  • Presents information that a producer, lead, or studio manager needs to know in order to successfully develop a game from concept to gold master
  • A fictitious game project is used to fully illustrate the production cycle, documentation, and other production concepts
  • Contains new interviews with industry insiders that provide key insights into successful game development
  • Provides weblinks to templates, figures, tables, and forms needed to apply the concepts presented in the text
  • Extensive instructor resources, including a sample course syllabus, chapter-by-chapter PowerPoint Lecture Outlines, figures, quizzes with answers, and questions and exercises with solutions

Applicable Courses

This text is ideal for any introductory game development/production course.  It is also appropriate as a reference for professionals in the game production industry.

Part I  General Production Overview
Chapter 1  Game Production Overview
Chapter 2  Roles on the Team
Chapter 3  Project Management Methods
Part II  Business Information
Chapter 4  Legal Information
Chapter 5  Developer and Publisher Relationships
Part III  Managing People
Chapter 6  Hiring and Retaining Talent
Chapter 7  Teams
Chapter 8  Effective Communication
Part IV  Pre-Production
Chapter 9  Game Concept
Chapter 10  Game Requirements
Chapter 11  Game Plan
Part V  Production
Chapter 12  Production Cycle
Chapter 13  Production Techniques
Chapter 14  Making Builds
Part VI  Testing
Chapter 15  Testing
Chapter 16  Code Releasing
Part VII  Post-Production
Chapter 17  Postmortems
Chapter 18  Closing Kits
Chapter 19  Software Ratings
Chapter 20  Localization
Chapter 21  Voiceover
Chapter 22  Music
Chapter 23  Motion Capture
Appendix A  Case Study - Game Production Cycle
Appendix B  Glossary
Appendix C  Resources
Appendix D  Biographies

Heather Maxwell Chandler-Founder and Executive Producer, Media Sunshine, Inc.

Heather Maxwell Chandler is a veteran game producer with experience at Activision, EA, and Ubisoft. She's also the founder of Media Sunshine, Inc., ( a company that provides game production contract services to developers, publishers, and vendors. She has contributed to the production of Apocalypse, Civilization: Call to Power, Heavy Gear 2, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, and eight games in the Ghost Recon series. She's the author of The Game Production Handbook, Second Edition and Fundamentals of Game Development, also part of the Foundations of Game Development Series.

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  • Templates
    Figures, Tables, and Forms from the text

The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9781449688097

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