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Navigate: Professional Practice and Role Development in Nursing RN to BSN Online Course
An online course for a BSN or RN to BSN Curriculum

Author(s): Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • ISBN-13: 9781449674540
  • Online Course     pages      © 2013
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Navigate: Dimensions of Professional Practice Role Development in Nursing is an instructionally designed and completely online course aligned to the AACN Essentials of Baccalaureate Education document, QSEN Competencies and IOM Core Competencies. The course is mapped to the best-selling Jones & Bartlett Learning text, Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies for Quality Leadership and features course management tools, interactive lectures, assessments and supplemental content including journal articles, references and web links.

Navigate: Dimensions of Professional Practice Role Development in Nursing facilitates the development and implementation of strategies to enable the synthesis of professional development for the nurse. The course enables the student to recognize and understand the critical role that nurses play in health care delivery. Students will analyze principles of professional practice and will explore strategies to model the professional practice role in current clinical situations.This course is focused on the traditional BSN student or the RNtoBSN student and can be used standalone or as part of a full RNtoBSN curriculum.

Key Features:
- Interactive Lectures
- Discussion Forums
- Automatic Grading
- Practice activities for students in a safe to fail environment
- End of Lesson Assessments
- Supplemental Content  (Journal articles, References, Web Links)

Instructor Resources:
- Syllabus with lesson to chapter mapping
- Instructor Resource Guide
- Course Management Tools
- Customizable Assessments
- Automatic Grading – Assessments report to the Grade book within the course
- Complete Lessons

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  Lesson 1  The Development of Professional Nursing
  Lesson 2  The Essence of Nursing: Knowledge and Caring
  Lesson 3  The Image of Nursing: What It Is and How It Needs to Change
  Lesson 4  Nursing Education, Accreditation, and Regulation
  Lesson 5  Health Policy and Political Action: Critical Actions for Nurses
  Lesson 6  Ethics and Legal Issues
  Lesson 7  Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Illness: A Continuum of Care
  Lesson 8  The Healthcare Delivery System: Focus on Acute Care
  Lesson 9  Provide Patient-Centered Care
  Lesson 10  Work in Interdisciplinary Teams
  Lesson 11  Employ Evidence-Based Practice
  Lesson 12  Apply Quality Improvement
  Lesson 13  Use Informatics
  Lesson 14  Critical Healthcare Issue: Why Don't We Have Enough Nurses?
  Lesson 15  Transformation of Nursing Practice: Roles and Issues

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