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Cases in Health Care Management

Author(s): Sharon B. Buchbinder, RN, PhD, Professor and Program Coordinator, Stevenson University Online
Nancy H. Shanks, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Department of Health Professions Health Care Management Program Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver, Colorado
Dale Buchbinder, MD, FACS, Chairman, Department of Surgery, Good Samaritan Hospital, Clinical Professor of Surgery, The University of Maryland Medical School, Baltimore, Maryland
  • ISBN-13: 9781449674298
  • Paperback    394 pages      © 2014
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From the authors of the bestselling Introduction to Health Care Management, comes this compendium of 100 case studies that illustrate the challenges related to managing the health care services. Segmented by topic and setting, these cases span the full spectrum of issues that can arise in a variety of health care services settings.

Undergraduate students in healthcare management, nursing, public administration, public health, gerontology, and allied health programs will find the writing to be lively and engaging. In addition, students in graduate programs in discipline-specific areas, such as business administration, law, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, occupational therapy, public administration, and public health will find the materials theory-based and thought provoking examples of real world scenarios.

Along with lively writing style and the use of fiction techniques to engage the student in the cases,  this book offers the following features:

  • One hundred new cutting-edge cases written by experts in the field;
  • Identification of primary and secondary settings for cases;
  • Discussion questions for each case;
  • Additional resources for students with each case;
  • Teaching/learning methods such as role play;
About the Editors  
Part  I  Leadership
  Chapter  1  Case of the Reluctant Associate
  Chapter  2  Changing Physician Credentialing
  Chapter  3  The New Manager Needs a Coach
  Chapter  4  Why Won’t She Just Retire?
  Chapter  5  No Plan in Sight? Succession Planning in a Small Rural Hospital
  Chapter  6  From Nothing to Something – Defining Governance and Infrastructure in a Small Medical Practice
  Chapter  7  Practicing Organizational Culture Without a Leader
  Chapter  8  Governing Board vs. Management
  Chapter  9  Transitioning to a New Leader
Part  II  Management
  Chapter  10  The Toxic Leader
  Chapter  11  Inappropriate Client Behavior
  Chapter  12  A Lottery for Employee Attendance
  Chapter  13  Disorder in the House
  Chapter  14  Managing Health Care Professionals: Mini-Case Studies with Role Play
  Chapter  15  Take a Number
  Chapter  16  The Write Candidate
  Chapter  17  The Price of Hubris
  Chapter  18  Isn’t it Great – My Boss Got Promoted and I Got His Job?
  Chapter  19  Strategies for Dealing with Health Care Reform
  Chapter  20  What Can I Do? My Boss is a Bully!
  Chapter  21  Whose Decision is it About Which Positions Are Filled?
  Chapter  22  Changing Patient Behavior: When Obesity is a Death Sentence
Part  III  Quality/Patient Safety
  Chapter  23  Dialysis Access
  Chapter  24  Medication Error
  Chapter  25  Resistance to Operative Site Marking
  Chapter  26  Surgical Need or Greed?
  Chapter  27  Surgical Site Infection
  Chapter  28  Who’s That Guy?
  Chapter  29  Wrong Site Surgery
  Chapter  30  Blood Borne Incident in an STI Clinic
Part  IV  Finance
  Chapter  31  Ghost Posting in the OR
  Chapter  32  Heck No, I Won’t Go! I’m Not Covering for Free!
  Chapter  33  Improving Block Time Utilization to Increase OR Efficiency
  Chapter  34  Issues with Standardization of Products
  Chapter  35  Perverse Incentives: Reimbursement and Bilateral Surgery
  Chapter  36  The Electronic Medical Record: Efficient Medical Care or Disaster in the Making
  Chapter  37  To Robot or Not?
  Chapter  38  The Debt Collector in the ER
  Chapter  39  The Patient Transportation Department Dilemma
  Chapter  40  Economic Scarcity and Medicaid
  Chapter  41  Can Our Company Add a Wellness Benefit?
  Chapter  42  Outsourcing Medical Care
  Chapter  43  Small Business and Health Insurance
  Chapter  44  Dr. Dave’s Depreciating Dental Drill
Part  V  Health Care Professionals/Human Resources
  Chapter  45  Nurse Bullying: Unprofessional Conduct
  Chapter  46  Sleeping on the Job: A Managerial Challenge
  Chapter  47  How Dare You Testify?
  Chapter  48  Sleeping on the Job in the OR
  Chapter  49  Inappropriate Social Networking?
  Chapter  50  An Affair at Work
  Chapter  51  Another California Wildfire
  Chapter  52  Back to School
  Chapter  53  Is Whispering Willows Nursing Home Prepared for a Disaster?
  Chapter  54  Super Natural Medical Center’s Staffing Crisis
  Chapter  55  The Lesser of Evils
  Chapter  56  What Did You Say?
  Chapter  57  Dealing With the Bipolar Employee
  Chapter  58  What Should I Do About Freddie?
  Chapter  59  The Foibles of Communication
  Chapter  60  The Dream Job Interview
Part  VI  Health Disparities/Cultural Competence
  Chapter  61  Mini-Cases for Diversity
  Chapter  62  Mrs. Kravitz and Her Cats
  Chapter  63  Pray with Me
  Chapter  64  Birds on a Wire
  Chapter  65  Father Time: A Case of Division Amongst Generations
  Chapter  66  See Me, Hear Me: The Case of the Disempowered Older Adult
  Chapter  67  Diversity in the Health Care Workforce
  Chapter  68  Competition Across the Border
  Chapter  69  Engaging with the Community and Developing Cultural Competence
  Chapter  70  Hispanic Community Feels Excluded from Hiring Process
  Chapter  71  Difficult Family Decisions in the End of Life
  Chapter  72  A Community-Based Health Care Clinic Takes on the Complicated Issue of Abuse
Part  VII  Ethics/Law/Conflict of Interest
  Chapter  73  Conflict of Interest
  Chapter  74  Ethical Issues Over DNR Orders
  Chapter  75  How Dare You Bring Your Girlfriend to Visit Mom?
  Chapter  76  Saline Splash
  Chapter  77  The Gift Catalog
  Chapter  78  Unapproved Treatment: Honey on the Wound
  Chapter  79  When Lunch is More Than a Meal
  Chapter  80  No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
  Chapter  81  Saint or Fake?
  Chapter  82  When “Yes” Means “No”
  Chapter  83  Emergency Divert Status
Part  VIII  Crossing the Line/Fraud
  Chapter  84  Doctor on Doctor Assault and Battery
  Chapter  85  Inappropriate Touching in the OR
  Chapter  86  Stents in the Cardiac Cath Lab
  Chapter  87  The Case of the Dishonest Employee
  Chapter  88  The Case of the Fake PA
  Chapter  89  The Case of the Snoopy PA
  Chapter  90  Who Stole the X-Rays?
  Chapter  91  Angel of Death
  Chapter  92  Dirty Employees or Bioterrorism?
  Chapter  93  He Said, She Said
  Chapter  94  Dr. X and the Disappearing Clinical Trials Money
  Chapter  95  Murder for Hire
  Chapter  96  The Case of the Cooked Books
  Chapter  97  The PA and the Phony Data
  Chapter  98  The Unregistered Sex Offender
  Chapter  99  Dr. Jim’s Wife Disappears
  Chapter  100  Get That Video of Joey Jock
  Chapter  101  Social Networks and Medicine

Sharon B. Buchbinder, RN, PhD-Professor and Program Coordinator, Stevenson University Online

Sharon B. Buchbinder, RN, PhD Dr. Buchbinder is a healthcare management educator with over 30 plus years of progressively responsible experience. Dr. Buchbinder’s work spans the entire spectrum of health care--from delivery to research and policy to education and training. In addition to her extensive teaching experience in healthcare management, she has also conducted health care management research, particularly in the areas of health care professionals’ job satisfaction and turnover. She is, is past Chair of the Board of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) and presently leads the MS in Healthcare Management Program at Stevenson University.  Her most recent notable scholarly achievements include the publication of two best-selling textbooks, Introduction to Health Care Management 1st and 2nd Eds (with Nancy H. Shanks) and Career Opportunities in Health Care Management: Perspectives from the Field (with Jon M. Thompson) which won the prestigious Bugbee-Falk Book Award from the AUPHA.

Nancy H. Shanks, PhD-Professor Emeritus, Department of Health Professions Health Care Management Program Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver, Colorado

Nancy H. Shanks, PhD, has extensive experience in the health care field. For 12 years she worked as a health services researcher and health policy analyst and later served as the executive director of a grant-making, fund-raising foundation that was associated with a large multihospital system in Denver. During the last 15 years Dr. Shanks has been a healthcare administration educator at Metropolitan State College of Denver, where she has taught a variety of undergraduate courses in health services management, organization, research, human resources management, strategic management, and law. She is currently a Professor in the Health Care Management Program after having served as Chair of the Department of Health Professions for 7 years. Dr. Shanks’ research interests have focused on health policy issues, such as providing access to health care for the uninsured.

Dale Buchbinder, MD, FACS-Chairman, Department of Surgery, Good Samaritan Hospital, Clinical Professor of Surgery, The University of Maryland Medical School, Baltimore, Maryland

Dale Buchbinder, MD, FACS, is Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital and Clinical Professor of Surgery at The University of Maryland Medical School in Baltimore, MD. Dr. Buchbinder served as Chair of Surgery for 18 years at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. He also served as GBMC's Medical Director of Inpatient Surgical Services and Medical Director of the GBMC Wound Care Center. His experience as a physician leader and manager in two major community hospitals in Baltimore is augmented by his time spent as Professor and Vice Chair of the Department of Surgery at the Chicago Medical School in North Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Buchbinder has been elected to several surgical societies including the American College of Surgeons and the Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the Society for Vascular Surgery, past President of the Baltimore Academy of Surgery and Past President of the Maryland Chapter of the American College of Surgeons. He currently serves as Governor for the American College of Surgery from Maryland.
  •  “Cases in Health Care Management is a text which provides instructors with over 100 new and dynamic case studies that will greatly assist teaching and learning. The construction of this book gets students engaged and very much into active learning. It allows instructors to hit the ground running by providing extremely useful rubrics and instructional materials. It has applicability to a wide array of disciplines and should be a staple in any program’s book list.”

    Peter Fitzpatrick, Ed.D., R.Ph.
    Chair/Professor Health Care Management
    Clayton State University

  • “Cases in Health Care Management provides one of those tools we all seek in health administration education. It’s a catalyst for great critical thinking and debate. Sharon Buchbinder and Nancy Shanks are no strangers to education, having taught for years and having already authored several books and papers in the field. They know what we need in the classroom. Joined by Dale Buchbinder, the three have compiled Cases in Health Care Management, which will be engaging for students specific to health care, as well as useful for those peripheral to the field such as business administration, law, public administration and public health.”

    Ken Johnson, PhD, FACHE
    Associate Dean & Professor
    Dumke College of Health Professions
    Weber State University

  • "Students today can be older and far more serious than students in previous times.  The economy and job situation today have caused a more serious learner to emerge.  Today's students are seeking an education that gives the skills and knowledge that can be readily applied in the workplace. I have found the case studies in the book written by Sharon B. Buchbinder, Nancy H. Shanks, and Dale Buchbinder offer the best and most realistic case studies available.  What is being taught in the classroom comes alive when discussing and reviewing the concepts and theories in the applicable case studies.  These case studies contain current and relevant situations representative of those events that occur daily in the healthcare environment.  The 101 case studies are divided into 8 content areas. The case studies are timely and save the instructor planning time by already having available the following: situations in various settings, relevant discussion questions, additional resources for each case study, and several other time-saving resources for instructor and students. This new book is full of user friendly, thought provoking, and fun reads for students. I have found the books written by these authors to be the best available to meet the needs of our program and students."

    Jacqueline E. Sharpe, RN, MSN, CHES, PhD
    Captain, USN-Ret
    Program Director-BSHS (HSA, PubH, HMSV Minor)
    School of Community and Environmental Health
    Old Dominion University

  • "The new text, CASES IN HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT, is an excellent resource for students and faculty.  It is full of user friendly, thought provoking and fun cases, and provides an active learning tool for instructors.  Students expect health management faculty to offer "real world" experience, and these cases do not disappoint.  They cover a variety of management content areas, and are designed to engage students in critical thinking and conversation.  This is an indispensable addition to any health care management course."
    Windsor Westbrook Sherrill, PhD
    Professor, Public Health Sciences
    Clemson University

  • "… a comprehensive collection of case studies and role-playing initiatives that guide healthcare managers through a comprehensive discussion of commonly encountered issues in healthcare management. The cases are diverse and the guiding questions are framed to engage readers in critical analysis of the issue at hand. … The authors have followed in the wake of their previous works and provide an excellent resource for the healthcare management field."
    -- Eric P. Matthews, PhD, MSed, MA, A. T. Still University (For Doody's Book Review Service, Jul. 2013)

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