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Computer Science Illuminated, Fifth Edition

Author(s): Nell Dale, PhD, University of Texas, Austin
John Lewis, PhD, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
  • ISBN-13: 9781449672843
  • Product With Access Code    672 pages      © 2013
Price: International Sales $157.95 US List
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Now available with Navigate Computer Science - a complete, off the shelf, online course.

Revised and updated with the latest information in the field, the Fifth Edition of best-selling Computer Science Illuminated continues to provide students with an engaging breadth-first overview of computer science principles and provides a solid foundation for those continuing their study in this dynamic and exciting discipline. Authored by two of today's most respected computer science educators, Nell Dale and John Lewis, the text carefully unfolds the many layers of computing from a language-neutral perspective, beginning with the information layer, progressing through the hardware, programming, operating systems, application, and communication layers, and ending with a discussion on the limitations of computing. Separate program language chapters are available as bundle items for instructors who would like to explore a particular programming language with their students.

Ideal for introductory computing and computer science courses, the fifth edition's thorough presentation of computing systems provides computer science majors with a solid foundation for further study, and offers non-majors a comprehensive and complete introduction to computing.

New Features of the Fifth Edition:

  • NEW chapter on computer security provides readers with the latest information on preventing unauthorized access; types of malware and anti-virus software; protecting online information, including data collection issues with Facebook, Google, etc.; security issues with mobile and portable devices; and more.
  • A NEW section on cloud computing offers readers an overview of the latest way in which businesses and users interact with computers and mobile devices.
  • The section on social networks has been rewritten to include up-to-date information, including new data on Google+ and Facebook.
  • The sections covering HTML have been updated to include HTML5.
  • Revised and updated Did You Know callouts are included in the chapter margins.
  • The updated Ethical Issues at the end of each chapter have been revised to tie the content to the tenth strand recommended by the ACM, which stresses the importance of computer ethics.

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Features & Benefits

  • Provides a thorough overview of computing systems to prepare computer science majors for further study, yet remains accessible and engaging for non-majors looking for a comprehensive introduction to computing.
  • Includes revised biographies with photographs, detailing the lives of computer science innovators.
  • Contains a section on game programming including game design and development as well as ethical issues in gaming.
  • A collection of programming language chapters are available as low-cost bundling options.  Available chapters include: Java, C++, Python, Alice, SQL, VB.NET, RUBY, Perl, Pascal, and JavaScript.

Instructor Resources:

  • Answers to the end of chapter exercises
  • PowerPoint Lecture Outlines
  • PowerPoint Image Bank
  • Test Bank

Every new copy is packaged with full access to the robust Student Companion Website featuring:

  • Animated Flashcards
  • Relevant Web Links
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Interactive Glossary
  • Digital Lab Manual
  • R. Mark Meyer's labs, Explorations in Computer Science
  • Additional programming chapters, including Alice, C++, Java, JavaScript, Pascal, Perl, Python, Ruby, SQL, and VB.NET
  • Link to Download Pep/8

Applicable Courses

Ideal for the undergraduate first course in Computer Science. Typical course titles are:

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • CS0
  • Computer Science Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Computing
Chapter  1  The Big Picture
Chapter  2  Binary Values and Number Systems
Chapter  3  Data Representation
Chapter  4  Gates and Circuits
Chapter  5  Computing Components
Chapter  6  Low-Level Programming Languages and Pseudocode
Chapter  7  Problem Solving and Algorithms
Chapter  8  Abstract Data Types and Subprograms
Chapter  9  Object-Oriented Design and High-Level Programming Languages
Chapter  10  Operating Systems
Chapter  11  File Systems and Directories
Chapter  12  Information Systems
Chapter  13  Artificial Intelligence
Chapter  14  Simulation, Graphics, Gaming, and Other Applications
Chapter  15  Networks
Chapter  16  The World Wide Web
Chapter  17  Computer Security
Chapter  18  Limitations of Computing

Nell Dale, PhD-University of Texas, Austin

Nell Dale received a B.S. in Mathematics and Psychology from the University of Houston, a M.A. in Mathematics, from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin. Nell Dale has been on the faculty at the University of Texas, Austin since 1975. She teaches occasionally but concentrates on computer science education, writing, traveling, tennis, and bridge -- and her family of course.

Additional Titles by this Author

John Lewis, PhD-Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

John Lewis is a leading educator and author in the field of computer science. He has written a market-leading textbook on Java software and program design. After earning his undergraduate degree, M.S., and Ph.D. in computer science at Virginia Tech, John joined the faculty of the Department of Computing Sciences at Villanova University. He has received numerous teaching awards, including the University Award for Teaching Excellence and the Goff Award for Outstanding Teaching. His professional interests include object-oriented technologies, multimedia, and software engineering. In addition to his teaching and writing, John actively participates in the Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE), and finds time to spend with his family or in his workshop.

Additional Titles by this Author

Navigate Computer Science

ISBN-13: 9781449698089

Combining our robust teaching and learning materials with an intuitive and customizable learning platform, Navigate Computer Science enables instructors to create an online course quickly and easily. The system includes a complete, interactive eBook and allows instructors to readily complete the following tasks:

  • Customize preloaded content or easily import new content
  • Provide online testing
  • Offer discussion forums, real-time chat, group projects, and assignments
  • Organize course curricula and schedules
  • Track student progress, generate reports, and manage training and compliance activities

The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9781449672843

Additional Resources for Instructors
Angel ready Test Bank
Answers to End of Chapter Questions
BlackBoard ready Test Bank
Desire to Learn ready Test Bank
Image Bank
Moodle ready Test Bank
Slides in PowerPoint Format
Test Bank

Student Companion Website to Accompany Computer Science Illuminated, Fifth Edition

ISBN-13: 9781449672799

The Computer Science Illuminated, Fifth Edition student companion website has been established with a wealth of additional information. The website provides a variety of resources and exercises for students, including an interactive glossary, crossword puzzles based on key terms and concepts, interactive flashcards that can be used to quickly review all of the important terms in each chapter, and web links that connect to external online resources that are directly related to computer science concepts covered in Computer Science Illuminated, Fifth Edition.


Computer Science Illuminated, Fifth Edition with Meyer's Explorations in Computer Science, Second Edition

Bundle ISBN: 9781449686352
This value-added bundle includes Computer Science Illuminated, Fifth Edition and Explorations in Computer Science, Second Edition by Mark Meyer.

Computer Science Illuminated, Fifth Edition with Navigate Computer Science

Bundle ISBN: 9781284030624
This value-added bundle includes Computer Science Illuminated, Fifth Edition and Navigate Computer Science, our interactive online courseware.