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Health Care Ethics, Third Edition
Critical Issues for the 21st Century

Author(s): Eileen E. Morrison, EdD, MPH, CHES, Professor, Health Administration, Texas State University, San Marcos
Beth Furlong, PhD, JD, RN, Assoc Professor, Crieghton University, Omaha, Nebraska
  • ISBN-13: 9781449665357
  • ISBN-10:1449665357
  • Product With Access Code    442 pages      © 2014
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Organized around the four central themes of healthcare ethics (theoretical foundations and issues for individuals, organizations, and society), Health Care Ethics, Third Edition brings together the insights of a diverse panel of leading experts in the fields of bioethics, long-term care, and health administration, among others. Students will build on this critical platform to develop an extensive toolbox of analytical and problem-solving skills. The text’s organizational strategy gently pushes students to strengthen their ethics knowledge base and relate ethics to patient issues across the lifespan, ethics within organizations, and issues of ethics in broader cultural contexts. Pedagogical features such as section introductions, discussions questions, and exercises that ask students to apply new knowledge to real-world scenarios encourage retention and skill building.

The fully revised and updated third edition addresses current changes in health care, which are the greatest changes in health care history since the advent of Medicare and Medicaid. All-new chapters cover the Affordable Care Act and ethics issues related to populations not covered by the Act, ethics related to assisted living, and the impact of technology on ethics in health care. All other chapters have been updated to reflect the most recent developments in medical technology and new challenges faced by health care professionals in the post—PPACA era. Ideally suited for both graduate and undergraduate programs, Health Care Ethics challenges readers to think beyond the existing health care system and envision creative solutions to ethical issues.

New to the Third Edition:

  • All-new chapters on the Affordable Care Act, ethics related to assisted living, and the impact of new technology
  • Updated chapter content and references
  • Key pedagogical features, including discussion questions and exercises that prompt students to apply new skills to real-world scenarios
  • Insights from a diverse panel of leading experts in multiple fields
About the Authors  
    Chapter  1  Theory of Healthcare Ethics
    Chapter  2  Principles of Healthcare Ethics
    Chapter  3  The Moral Status of Gametes and Embryos: Storage and Surrogacy
    Chapter  4  The Ethical Challenges of the New Reproductive Technologies
    Chapter  5  Abortion: The Unexplored Middle Ground
    Chapter  6  Proposals for Human Cloning: A Review and Ethical Evaluation
    Chapter  7  Competency: What It Is, What It Is Not, and Why It Matters
    Chapter  8  Older People and Issues of Access to Long-Term Care
    Chapter  9  Assisted Living and Ethics
    Chapter  10  Ethical Issues in the Use of Fluids and Nutrition: When Can They Be Withdrawn?
    Chapter  11  Death, Medicine, and Moral Significance of Family Decision Making
    Chapter  12  Ethical Issues Concerning Physician-Assisted Death
    Chapter  13  Healthcare Institutional Ethics: Broader than Clinical Ethics
    Chapter  14  Hospital Ethics Committees: Rules, Membership, Structures, and Difficulties
    Chapter  15  Bioethical Dilemmas in Emergency Medicine and Prehospital Care
    Chapter  16  Technological Advances in Health Care: Blessing or Ethics Nightmare?
    Chapter  17  Spirituality and Healthcare Organizations
    Chapter  18  Health Inequalities and Health Inequities
    Chapter  19  Is Rationing of Health Care Ethically Defensible?
    Chapter  20  Domestic Violence: Changing Theory, Changing Practice
    Chapter  21  Ethics of Disaster Planning and Response
    Chapter  22  A New Era of Health Care: The Ethics of Healthcare Reform
    Chapter  23  Healthcare Reform: What About Those Left Behind?
    Chapter  24  Looking Toward the Future

Eileen E. Morrison, EdD, MPH, CHES-Professor, Health Administration, Texas State University, San Marcos

Dr. Eileen Morrison is a graduate of Vanderbilt University where she earned her doctorate in counseling and administration. She also holds a MPH from the University of Tennessee. She has developed and taught courses in health administration ethics to both undergraduate and graduate students and has been active in educating professionals through workshops and journal articles.  Currently, she is a professor of health administration at Texas State University in San Marcos Texas.

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Beth Furlong, PhD, JD, RN-Assoc Professor, Crieghton University, Omaha, Nebraska

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ISBN-13: 9781449665357

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