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Promoting Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Author(s): Carl I. Fertman, PhD, MCHES, University of Pittsburgh
Myrna M. Delgado, MEd
Susan L. Tarasevich, EdD
  • ISBN-13: 9781449658991
  • Paperback    322 pages      © 2014
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A Focus on Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Promoting Child and Adolescent Mental Health is written for health education students with a keen focus on how to build sustainable support systems across the community, classroom, schools and families to adequately promote positive behavior and mental health for both children and adolescents. The text addresses a wide range of learning challenges and mental health issues and outlines the support needed to provide communities and schools with the proper guidance to create an adaptable system which promotes child and adolescent mental health allowing them to flourish. 

The text presents mental health as a community-based challenge. By focusing on children and adolescents, it allows undergraduate and graduate students to concentrate on specific populations while acquiring skills that are applicable to a broad spectrum of diverse communities. This innovative text models teamwork across a variety of disciplines and encourages students to develop connections across communities and systems to promote child and adolescent mental health.

Course Instructors, access a Prezi slide deck, created by the authors, for your course use HERE.

Key Features
• Text and resources draw from real-world experience of professionals who work in schools
• Features course material currently used in school curricula
• An emphasis on developing individual responsibility through active involvement with diverse communities
• Evidence-based methods
• A focus on practical application and simple, clear, relatable language
• Real-life vignettes that launch each chapter and inspire discussion and further thought
• Content that is easily adaptable for both undergraduate students and experienced human services professionals
• Extensive instructor resources, including chapter outlines, text-linked teaching tips, test bank and answer key, and chapter-specific PowerPoint presentations
• Action-based tips for promoting child and adolescent mental health
• Extensive information on networking with other human services professionals to develop a larger framework of support for children and adolescents
• Information on referrals, teams, partnerships, and collaborations

Applicable Courses

This text can be adapted for use with undergraduate educators and human services professionals and as an additional course for practitioners in Masters’ and Doctoral level programs

Chapter  1  Foundations
Chapter  2  Creating a Mental Health Promoting School Community
Chapter  3  Teams, Partnerships, and Collaborations
Chapter  4  Policy and Procedures
Chapter  5  Referrals and Other Ways to Connect to Programs and Services
Chapter  6  School Community Staff and Child and Family Perspectives
Chapter  7  Program and Service Decisions
Chapter  8  Sustaining Programs and Services
Chapter  9  Engaging Families
Chapter  10  Addressing Social Determinants
Chapter  11  Facebook, Cell Phones, and Mental Health Communications
Chapter  12  Emerging Leadership Issues

Carl I. Fertman, PhD, MCHES-University of Pittsburgh

Carl I. Fertman, PhD, MCHES is an Associate Professor and Executive Director of the Maximizing Adolescent Potentials (MAPS) Program, both in the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh. His expertise is working with schools and communities to prevent tobacco, drug, and alcohol problems among youth and to promote the mental health of children, adolescents, and families.

Myrna M. Delgado, MEd

Myrna M. Delgado is a consultant, retired from the Pennsylvania Department of Education as Chief of the Division of Student and Safe School Services and Chair of the Interagency Committee of the Network for Student Assistance Services. During her tenure she provided leadership for alternative education, juvenile correction education, Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities, Safe Schools Initiative, Center for Safe Schools, and Bullying Prevention among others, Ms. Delgado’s career includes teaching in secondary school, adult evening school and college and serving as an interpreter/translator. She has been a small business owner and has worked in social service settings. She enjoys volunteering in her professional and social community and has twice received formal recognition as a visionary by the Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistance Professionals for her work on behalf of student assistance programs.

Susan L. Tarasevich, EdD

Susan Tarasevich is a clinical educator with Addiction Medicine Services, Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. She has worked in schools as a teacher and administrator before coming to her current work as a preventionist. For over 20 years she has been engaged in design, implementation and evaluation of school-based substance abuse prevention programs and services for youth at all levels. She provides training and technical assistance to local and regional educational and human service agencies. Statewide, she has consulted with Pennsylvania Departments of Education, Health, and Welfare. She served with the Northeast Regional Expert Team, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention providing technical evaluation assistance. Expertise includes the interactive training and teaching of undergraduate, graduate and professional educators and clinicians related to the many facets of effective substance abuse prevention.

The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9781449658991

Image Bank
Instructor Manual
Slides in PowerPoint Format
Test Bank

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