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Nutrition Decisions: Eat Smart, Move More

Author(s): Carolyn Dunn, PhD, Professor and Nutrition Specialist, North Carolina State University, Associate State Program Leader, North Carolina Extension Service
  • ISBN-13: 9781449652951
  • Product With Access Code    420 pages      © 2013
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Nutrition Decisions: Eat Smart, Move More provides students with the skills they need to make eating healthy and being active attainable, no matter how busy they are. It goes beyond the facts and provides practical ways students can put their knowledge to work immediately. The text employs the Theory of Planned Behavior to empower students to make positive changes in their lives to improve their health.

Special features throughout the text help students navigate some of the controversial issues in nutrition and physical activity, check their own health status, try something new, learn how eating healthy and being physically active can also help the environment, explore how policies and the environment in which they live affects their health, and help them take a small or large step towards eating smart and moving more.

Nutrition Decisions is unique in that it challenges students to act to align their eating and physical activity behaviors with what they are learning. It encourages personal health behavior change for a lifetime of good habits and good health. This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to eat better, move more, and achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Learn more about Nutrition and healthy eating choices on Carolyn Dunn's Blog, Food Myths and Memes.

Features & Benefits

  • Which Side Are You On presents unbiased facts about controversial topics. When there are two distinct sides to a situation, both sides are presented with the most compelling research from each point of view to help students make up their own mind based on facts.
  • Personal Health Check guides students to “check” their behavior or health status based on the chapter content. This knowledge will help them set goals to move towards better health. 
  • Try Something New recommends new foods and/or activities to keep students moving. 
  • How Policy and Environment Affects My Choices explores current policy and environmental issues that play a role in healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Green and Healthy discusses how eating a more plant-based diet, choosing local foods, walking or biking instead of using a car, and many more behaviors can help you be both green and healthy.
  • Ready to Make a Change highlights the first step students can take to eat smart or move more.
  • Myth versus Fact reviews the chapter content and points out the facts based on available evidence and dispels some of the myths about eating smart and moving more.
  • Special Reports go beyond the basics to help students understand the how and why of some of the most interesting topics related to nutrition and physical activity.
Chapter  1  Food: Why You Eat What You Eat
Chapter  2  Eat Healthy: Tools to Help You Choose
Chapter  3  Eating Out or Eating In: Where You Eat Affects What You Eat
Chapter  4  Digestion and Absorption: How Your Body Uses the Food You Eat
Chapter  5  Carbohydrates: Skip the Simple, Add More Complex
Chapter  6  Fruits and Vegetables: Eat All the Colors
Chapter  7  Beverages: Re-Think Your Drink
Chapter  8  Protein: More is Not Always Better
Chapter  9  Milk and Dairy: Not Just for Kids
Chapter  10  Fats and Oils: A Little Goes a Long Way
Chapter  11  Physical Activity and Exercise: Move More Everyday
Chapter  12  Overweight and Obesity: Public Health Crisis of Our Time
Chapter  13  Lifecycle Nutrition: Eating Smart Across the Life Span
Chapter  14  Safety of the Food Supply: Keep Your Food Safe
Chapter  15  Beyond Eating Smart and Moving More: Other Components of a Healthy Life

Carolyn Dunn, PhD-Professor and Nutrition Specialist, North Carolina State University, Associate State Program Leader, North Carolina Extension Service

Dr. Carolyn Dunn provides program expertise and state-wide leadership for children’s nutrition and wellness. She conducts in-service education programs in child nutrition, physical activity and women’s wellness. She develops nutrition education materials to be used by extension agents across North Carolina and links with other state level agencies dealing with nutrition and health concerns. She is the author/developer for numerous programs and tools that address healthy eating and physical activity. She is the co-author of Color Me Health, the award winning nutrition and physical activity program for children ages four and five ( She often uses multimedia and technology in the development of nutrition education materials. Carolyn is a member of the leadership team for the statewide initiative Eat Smart, Move More, North Carolina. Dr. Dunn was chair of the Primary Prevention Committee of the NC Task Force on Healthy Weight For Children and Youth and has been appointed by Governor Easley to the NC Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force where she serves as chair of the Prevention Committee. She is also an Associate State Program Leader for the department.

Additional Titles by this Author
  • "The information is practical and easy to understand. I really like the pull out boxes and their relevance to everyday living, especially their relationship to green living. I especially like the segments on Ready to Make A Change, Try Something New and Policy and Environment. These gave great suggestions on how to incorporate change in a sensible manner and were relevant to college students' lives."

    Janet L. Roberts, MAT, CMA (AAMA), CHES
    Western Oregon University

  • "This text is very easy to read and informative of current food trends and products on the market. I like the Myth vs Fact boxes."

    Veronica J. Oates, PhD, RD, LDN
    Tennessee State University

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ISBN-13: 9781449652951

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