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ACLS for EMTs, Second Edition

Author(s): American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
Mike Smith, BS, MICP, Tacoma Community College, Washington
  • ISBN-13: 9781449628901
  • Paperback    120 pages      © 2013
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EMTs can find themselves in critical situations that require advanced cardiac life support (ACLS). Although EMTs are not trained to provide advanced-level skills, there is much they can do to improve the quality of management, and thus the patient’s chance for survival by understanding ACLS and facilitating its administration by ALS providers. 

Teamwork is the cornerstone of ACLS care. Advanced life support can only function on a foundation of solid, ongoing basic life support practices. As such, an understanding of the principles of advanced life support will enhance the ability of EMTs to work in collaboration to increase the survival rates of patients. Most importantly, better teamwork will improve care not only during cardiac arrests, but also during all emergency calls.

ACLS for EMTs familiarizes the reader with cardiac emergencies, the skills used to manage them, and teamwork principles that ensure the best possible patient outcomes. The text includes coverage of:

  • BLS and ALS team approach
  • Prevention of sudden cardiac arrest
  • Airway evaluation and control
  • ECC rhythm analysis
  • Electrical interventions
  • Cardiac pharmacology
  • Challenging resuscitation situations
  • Legal and ethical considerations

Features & Benefits

  • Key Terms, bolded and underlined in the text, then defined in the margin
  • Call-Out Boxes, to bring attention to key topics and items of interest
  • Training Tips Boxes, emphasizing how EMTs can further their understanding of ACLS
  • Skill Drills, presented in a step-by-step format, offering helpful information and tips on how to perform each skill correctly
  • Wrap Up, "Ready for Review" summary and "Quick Case" studies, which ask critical thinking questions at the end of each chapter
1  The EMT-Basic and the Advanced Life Support Team
2  Airway Evaluation and Control
3  From Angina to AMI: The Cardiac Care Continuum
4  Rhythms of the Heart
5  Electrical Interventions in Cardiac Care
6  Fundamentals of Cardiac Pharmacology
7  Challenging Resuscitation Situations
8  Legal Considerations
9  Provider Care: Taking Care of You
10  Putting it All Together

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Mike Smith, BS, MICP-Tacoma Community College, Washington


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