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Tarascon Medical Procedures Pocketbook

Author(s): Joseph S. Esherick, MD, FAAFP, Family Medicine, Ventura County Medical Center, Ventura, California
  • ISBN-13: 9781449626488
  • Paperback    240 pages      © 2012
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Tarascon Medical Procedures Pocketbook was just honored with a 5 Star review from Doody's Book Review!


Tarascon Medical Procedures Pocketbook is an evidence-based, point of care reference guide to common ambulatory care and hospital procedures.  This pocket reference is the perfect resource for the indications, contraindications, necessary equipment, step-by-step technique, fluid analysis, complications and coding for the 45 most commonly performed medical procedures.  Tarascon Medical Procedures Pocketbook is packed with over 200 tables and figures that depict the proper technique used for performing each procedure.


Tarascon Medical Procedures Pocketbook is an essential medical reference for clinicians, medical students, residents and mid-level practitioners who perform medical procedures in outpatient or inpatient settings.  


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Section I  Procedural Sedation
  Chapter 1  Procedural Sedation
Section II  Airway Procedures
  Chapter 2  Endotracheal Intubation
  Chapter 3  Noninvasive Positive-Pressure Ventilation
Section III  Cardiac Procedures
  Chapter 4  Pericardiocentesis
  Chapter 5  Synchronized Cardioversion
  Chapter 6  Transcutaneous Pacing
Section IV  Dermatology Procedures
  Chapter 7  Laceration Repair
  Chapter 8  Cryosurgery of Skin Lesions
  Chapter 9  Shave Skin Biopsy
  Chapter 10  Excisional Skin Biopsy
  Chapter 11  Punch Skin Biopsy
  Chapter 12  Ingrown Toenails Removal
  Chapter 13  Incision and Drainage of Abscesses
  Chapter 14  Lipoma or Subcutaneous Mass Excision
Section V  Ear, Nose, and Throat Procedures
  Chapter 15  Tympanometry
  Chapter 16  Intranasal Device Placement for Epistaxis
Section VI  Gastrointestinal Procedures
  Chapter 17  Paracentesis
Section VII  Genitourinary Procedures
  Chapter 18  No-Scalpel Vasectomy
  Chapter 19  Newborn Circumcision with Gomco Clamp
Section VIII  Gynecologic Procedures
  Chapter 20  Pap Smear
  Chapter 21  Endometrial Biopsy
  Chapter 22  Intrauterine Device Insertion and Removal
Section IX  Hematology/Oncology Procedures
  Chapter 23  Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy
Section X  Neurology Procedures
  Chapter 24  Lumbar Puncture
Section XI  Orthopedics Procedures
  Chapter 25  Splinting and Casting of the Extremities
  Chapter 26  Arthrocentesis
  Chapter 27  Joint Injections
Section XII  Pulmonary Procedures
  Chapter 28  Spirometry
  Chapter 29  Thoracentesis
  Chapter 30  Basics of Mechanical Ventilation
  Chapter 31  Tube Thoracostomy
Section XIII  Vascular Procedures
  Chapter 32  Central Venous Access
  Chapter 33  Arterial Line Placement
  Chapter 34  Pulmonary Artery Catheter Insertion
  Chapter 35  Intraosseous Line Placement

Joseph S. Esherick, MD, FAAFP-Family Medicine, Ventura County Medical Center, Ventura, California

Joseph S. Esherick, MD, FAAFP, is the Associate Director of Medicine and the Medical ICU Director at the Ventura County Medical Center in Ventura, California.  He is also an Associate Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He received his medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut, and completed a family practice residency at the Ventura County Medical Center, Ventura, California. He is board certified in family medicine and the author of the Tarascon Primary Care Pocketbook and the Tarascon Hospital Medicine Pocketbook. He is one of the lead instructors of the Hospitalist and Emergency Procedures Courses for Hospital Procedures Consultants. He is also an editorial board member for Tarascon Publishing and for Elsevier’s First Consult.


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  • The guidance given in this book is excellent.  Not only is it a good review for procedures not done in awhile, but it also acts as a go-to source for last-minute reminders of details needed to perform a procedure expeditiously.  I no longer need to rely on my fading notes or fallible memory when it comes to performing a procedure correctly.

    Carolyn Morris, MD
    Family Medicine
    Santa Paula Hospital Clinic, CA

  • Dr. Esherick’s procedure book is an extremely valuable tool for interns new to the wards or more seasoned providers who just what a quick review prior to performing a procedure they may not have done in a while. It provides a clear and concise review of almost any procedure you may have to do in the course of taking care of patients.

    Steve Rogers MD
    Family Practice Faculty
    Ventura Family Medicine Residency Program, CA

  • Dr. Esherick's quick reference pocketbooks raise the bar for excellence and ease of use.  Highly recommended!

  • I keep Dr. Esherick's pocket guide with me all the time. It's a convenient and invaluable resource for the management of the myriad of ailments that we encounter as family physicians.

    Tamajah Gibson, MD

  • Dr. Esherick's textbooks are an incredibly helpful guide for the busy family physician.  He organizes an incredibly wide scope of knowledge into clear and helpful bullets that can be quickly reviewed between patients.  Information is up-to-date and evidence-based.  I highly recommend his texts for the residents I supervise and to any provider involved in primary care.

    Jon Yoshiyama, MD
    Salinas, CA

  • Dr. Esherick's previous pocket references on Hospital Medicine and Primary Care have proven to be invaluable to me over the years. The Medical Procedure Pocketbook is a welcome addition to this series. A time-saver for when physcians have little time--which, as we know, is all the time.  Dr. Esherick has written a number of these condensed references, and they're all terrific. If you have to handle a wide variety of situations on the fly, you definitely want him in your pocket.

    Junedale Nishiyama, MD
    Hilo, Hawaii

  • I highly recommend this book for house staff and students on clinical rotations. It has tremendous teaching value for those just beginning their careers and provides students an outstanding perspective about what the attending physicians are doing at a time when they have not yet formed the mental images that they will need in the future.

    Vincent F Carr, DO, MSA, FACC, FACP
    Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
    Doody's Book Review - 5 Stars!

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