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Principles of Modern Operating Systems, Second Edition

Author(s): Jose M Garrido, Kennesaw State University
Richard Schlesinger, Kennesaw State University
Kenneth Hoganson, Kennesaw State University
  • ISBN-13: 9781449626341
  • Hardcover    564 pages      © 2013
Price: $285.95 US List
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This revised and updated Second Edition presents a practical introduction to operating systems and illustrates these principles through a hands-on approach using accompanying simulation models developed in Java and C++. This text is appropriate for upper-level undergraduate courses in computer science. Case studies throughout the text feature the implementation of Java and C++ simulation models, giving students a thorough look at both the theoretical and the practical concepts discussed in modern OS courses. This pedagogical approach is designed to present a clearer, more practical look at OS concepts, techniques, and methods without sacrificing the theoretical rigor that is necessary at this level. It is an ideal choice for those interested in gaining comprehensive, hands-on experience using the modern techniques and methods necessary for working with these complex systems. Every new printed copy is accompanied with a CD-ROM containing simulations.

New material added to the revised and updated Second Edition:

  • Chapter 11 (Security) has been revised to include the most up-to-date information
  • Chapter 12 (Firewalls and Network Security) has been updated to include material on middleware that allows applications on separate machines to communicate (e.g., RMI, COM+, and Object Broker)
  • Includes a new chapter dedicated to Virtual Machines
  • Provides introductions to various types of scams
  • Updated to include information on Windows 7 and Mac OS X throughout the text
  • Contains new material on basic hardware architecture that operating systems depend on
  • Includes new material on handling multi-core CPUs

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Chapter  1  Basic Concepts of Operating Systems
Chapter  2  Processes and Threads
Chapter  3  System Performance and Models
Chapter  4  Systems with Multiprogramming
Chapter  5  Processor Scheduling
Chapter  6  Synchronization Principles
Chapter  7  Deadlocks
Chapter  8  File Management
Chapter  9  The I/O System
Chapter  10  Memory Management
Chapter  11  Security and Protection
Chapter  12  Networking and Distributed Systems
Chapter  13  Virtual Machines
Appendix  A  Introduction to Using Linux
Appendix  B  Java and POSIX Threads
Appendix  C  The Java Modeling Framework
Appendix  D  Psim3
Appendix  E  Overview of Probability Theory
Appendix  F  Using the C++ Models
Appendix  G  The Computer System: An Overview

Jose M Garrido-Kennesaw State University

Jose Garrido is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. He holds a Ph.D. in Information Technology from George Mason University, and has written numerous books and papers on using object-oriented programming in discrete-event simulation.   

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Richard Schlesinger-Kennesaw State University

Richard Schlesinger teaches computer science at Kennesaw State University.  His primary emphasis is on exploring new pedagogical methods in college level courses, as well as introducing computer programming to high school students.  Prior to teaching at KSU, he received a Master's degree in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology and then spent 30 years in industry.  During that time, he worked on the internals of six different operating systems, as well as the design of several computers.  He also developed various communication subsystems, several transaction processors, and cryptographic systems.  He was one of the principal designers of the first working data flow computer.

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Kenneth Hoganson-Kennesaw State University

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ISBN-13: 9781449626341

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