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Secure Software Design

Author(s): Theodor Richardson, PhD, Interim Chair of Information Technology, College of Business, South University, Georgia
Charles N Thies, Regis University, Colorado
  • ISBN-13: 9781449626327
  • ISBN-10:1449626327
  • Paperback    412 pages      © 2013
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With the multitude of existing attacks that are known to date and the number that will continue to emerge, software security is in a reactive state and many have predicted that it will remain so for the foreseeable future. This book seeks to change that opinion by presenting a practical guide to proactive software security. Secure Software Design is written for the student, the developer, and management to bring a new way of thinking to secure software design. The focus of this book is on analyzing risks, understanding likely points of attack, and pre-deciding how your software will deal with the attack that will inevitably arise. By looking at the systemic threats in any deployment environment and studying the vulnerabilities of your application, this book will show you how to construct software that can deal with attacks both known and unknown instead of waiting for catastrophe and the cleanup efforts of tomorrow. Hands-on examples and simulated cases for the novice and the professional support each chapter by demonstrating the principles presented.

Features & Benefits

  • A comprehensive case project, mapped with examples, is used to demonstrate concepts and allows students to construct additional examples and practice the concepts in expanding the system design and documentation.
  • Covers the complete software design process with a focus on security.
  • Considers the cultural impact of the organization as a factor affecting the security of a software program.
  • Focuses on current and future threats and how to provide a defense for security issues.
  Part  Part I  Background and Introduction
    Chapter  Chapter 1  Introduction
    Chapter  Chapter 2  Current and Emerging Threats
  Part  Part II  Systemic Threats
    Chapter  Chapter 3  The Network Environment
    Chapter  Chapter 4  The Operating System Environment
    Chapter  Chapter 5  The Database Environment
    Chapter  Chapter 6  Programming Languages
  Part  Part III  Secure Software Design
    Chapter  Chapter 7  Security Requirements Planning
    Chapter  Chapter 8  Vulnerability Mapping
    Chapter  Chapter 9  Development and Implementation
    Chapter  Chapter 10  Application Review and Testing
    Chapter  Chapter 11  Incorporating SSD with the SDLC
  Part  Part IV  Redefining Security
    Chapter  Chapter 12  Personnel Training
    Chapter  Chapter 13  A Culture of Security
  Part  Part V  Advanced Threat Analysis
    Chapter  Chapter 14  Web Application Threats
    Chapter  Chapter 15  Secure Data Management
    Chapter  Chapter 16  Zero Day and Beyond

Theodor Richardson, PhD-Interim Chair of Information Technology, College of Business, South University, Georgia

Dr. Theodor Richardson received his doctoral degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of South Carolina along with the NSA Graduate Certificate in Information Assurance and Security. He has published conference and journal articles in the area of security including the International Journal of Sensor Networks and the International Conference on Communications and Networks. He currently teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in network security and application security as well as software development and software programming. Dr. Richardson is also a security text reviewer for the ALA Choice Magazine.

Charles N Thies-Regis University, Colorado

Charles Thies attended the University of Denver where he received a Masters of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems. He has worked for the Department of Defense in assignments overseas as an information technology professional and is published in the Journal of Information Science Applied Research. He has over twelve years of industry experience in the area of information security and database administration. Currently he is an affiliate faculty member at Regis University, Denver, Colorado at the School of Computer and Information Sciences and holds the CompTIA Security + certification.

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ISBN-13: 9781449626327

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