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The Case Manager’s Handbook, Sixth Edition Includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access

Author(s): Catherine M. Mullahy, RN, BS, CRRN, CCM
  • ISBN-13: 9781284102406
  • Navigate 2 Advantage Access     746 pages      © 2017
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Each new print copy includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access that unlocks a comprehensive and interactive eBook, midterm and final exam, instructor’s manual, and learning analytics reporting tools.

Written by renowned author Catherine M. Mullahy, The Case Manager’s Handbook, Sixth Edition is an indispensable guide for case managers. Presented in an accessible and conversational style, this practical resource helps case managers learn the fundamentals, study for the Certified Case Manager (CCM) exam, and advance their careers after the exam. Completely updated and enhanced with information on the latest developments affecting case management, it reflects the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, including the significant effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The Sixth Edition includes new chapters on pediatric case management, workers’ compensation case management, key factors driving today’s healthcare system, the case manager’s role in the era of value-based health care, case management and healthcare provider strategies for managing the high-risk or high-cost patient, and transformative healthcare approaches for the millennial generation.

Instructor Resources

  • Midterm exam
  • Final exam
  • Instructor Manual includes Chapter Overviews, Chapter Study Points, and Objectives

Applicable Courses

Case Management, Nursing Case Management, Healthcare Management

Part I Introduction: Biography of a Case Manager
1  The Case Manager as Catalyst, Problem Solver, Educator
2  The Case Manager’s Universe
II  Part II: Case Management Process: The Microsystem Level
3  The Case Management Work Format and Process
APPENDIX 3-A VIII. Standards of Case Management Practice
4  Communications And Patient Engagement
Part III Practice Settings And Models of Care
5  Hospital Case Management: Changing Roles and Transitions of Care
6  ACOs, PCMHs, And State Health Exchanges
7  Independent Case Management
8  Home Care Case Management, Long-Term Care and Health Care Reform
9  Pediatric Case Management
10  Workers’ Compensation Case Management
Part IV The Case Management Professional
11  Legal Responsibilities Of The Case Management Professional
APPENDIX 11-A Written Agreement: Some Typical Provisions
APPENDIX 11-B Legal Issues in Case Management Checklist
APPENDIX 11-C AMA Evidence-Based Principles of Discharge and Discharge Criteria
APPENDIX 11-D U.S. Legislation Review Relevant to Healthcare Case Management
12  Ethical Responsibilities Of The Case Management Professional
APPENDIX 12-A CCMC Rules of Conduct
APPENDIX 12-B Excerpts from the CCMC Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers
13  Evidence-Based Practice For Case Managers: Data-Driven Decision Making
14  Case Manager Credentialing and Organizational Accreditation
Part V Reimbursement
15  Reimbursement Resources And Challenges
16  Healthcare Reimbursement: Private-Sector or Employer-Sector Funding
17  Healthcare Reimbursement: Public Sector
18  Working Effectively With Claims Departments: Case Managers In Consulting Roles
Part VI Leadership And Management: Macrosystems
19  Outcomes Management With Analysis Of Financial And Quality Assurance Reporting
APPENDIX 19-A Program Questionnaire and Facility Review for Case Managers
APPENDIX 19-B Provider Service Agreements
APPENDIX 19-C Expanded Cost–Benefit Analysis Summary
APPENDIX 19-D Expanded Cost–Benefit Analysis Summary for -Self-Funded Plan
20  New Strategies for Leading A Case Management Department: Today and Into the Future
APPENDIX 20-A Sample Nurse Reviewer for Prenotification Department Position Description
APPENDIX 20-B Sample Medical Case Manager Position Description
APPENDIX 20-C Sample Director of Case Management Services Position Description
21  Predictive Modeling And Case Stratification
Part VII Focus On Current Challenges And Emerging Trends
22  New Characteristics of Today’s Healthcare Systems
23  The Case Manager’s Role in the Era of Value-Based Healthcare
24  New Case Management and Healthcare Provider Approaches for Managing the High Risk, High Cost Patient
25  The Aging Population, Medical Advancements, And New Case Management Considerations
26  Dying In America
APPENDIX 26-A: End-of-Life Care: The Latino Culture
APPENDIX 26-B: End-of-Life Care: The Russian Culture
APPENDIX 26-C: End-of-Life Care: The Vietnamese Culture
27  Medication Management: A Case Management Call to Action
28  Pain Management
29  Our Nation’s Multiculturalism And Challenges To Case Managers
APPENDIX 29-A: Communicating with Your Chinese Patient
APPENDIX 29-B: Communicating with Your American Indian/Alaska Native Patient
APPENDIX 29-C: Communicating with Your Latino Patient
APPENDIX 29-D: Communicating with Your Russian Patient
30  Health Literacy And Adherence Issues
31  Obesity: The New Epidemic
32  Behavioral Health with Primary Care: An Integrated Model of Care
33  Healthcare Technology And Trends: Implications For Case Managers
34  Transformative Healthcare Approaches for the Millennial Generation
35  The Affordable Care Act Of 2010: Implications For Case Managers

Catherine M. Mullahy, RN, BS, CRRN, CCM

With over four decades of experience managing health care and a prominent role in shaping the case management industry, Catherine M. Mullahy, RN, BS, CRRN, CCM, is recognized as one of the industry’s most significant and passionate leaders. In her multiple positions as an officer, board member, task force member, and executive committee member for leading professional associations (e.g., CMSA, CCMC, URAC), she has played a vital role in raising the standards of the case management profession. A former editor of The Case Manager, she continues to be a prominent contributor to other leading professional publications (Professional Case Management, Advance for Nurses, Care Management, etc.) and numerous professional books. Currently, she is a highly sought after educator and training consultant to case management firms, managed care organizations, hospitals, healthcare providers, and government agencies, as well as a popular speaker on the conference and professional association circuit. The educational programs she provides through her firm, Mullahy & Associates, LLC, are widely-valued for their content with two of them having been honored with prestigious Case in Point Platinum Awards. Her firm is a Continuing Education Provider for the Commission for Case Manager Certification®’s (CCMC) CMLearning Network®. Evidence of her distinguished career can be seen in her many awards, including: the 2010 “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) and “CMSA Distinguished Case Manager of the Year” in 1999. Today, through her spirited writing and sharing of the ideas and principles put forth in this latest edition of The Case Manager’s Handbook, she continues to capture the critical role of case managers, empowering them with timely, need-to-know information and insights so that they can be vital catalysts and strong patient advocates in the rapidly changing healthcare continuum.

Additional Titles by this Author
  • “For the past 10 years, as a Vice President with Mullahy & Associates, I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Catherine. As colleagues and friends, we have worked together in case management for over 40 years. Her vision for all that case management can be is contagious and shared with every word she speaks and writes. It is amazing to watch her transform a room of silent, often skeptical nurses, social workers, physicians, and therapists into a group of enthusiastic, networking professionals filled with hope, energy, and renewed passion for case management. I believe you, too, will be both informed and inspired as you read and refer to this sixth edition of The Case Manager’s Handbook.” - From the Foreword by Jeanne Boling, MSN, RN, CCM

  • “...the newest version on this quintessential text for case managers! The Case Manager’s Handbook, Sixth Edition provides new professionals robust fundamental and foundational content...seasoned professionals will be able to make use of the updated chapter information, plus still have access to the basics as needed. The new chapters are a strong addition (and) complement to the pre-existing content, the total of which provides a strong foundation. The text is well organized and written in a fluid style, with valuable ancillary content (e.g., boxes, tables, figures, templates)." - Ellen Fink-Samnick, Principal, EFS Supervision Strategies and co-author of COLLABORATE® for Professional Case Management

  • “Since it was introduced, The Case Manager's Handbook has been viewed as the ‘Bible’ for case management. This edition’s comprehensiveness and the fact that it is written by Catherine Mullahy, an icon in the industry, makes it a wise investment. Excellent work and an important resource that all members of the healthcare team can benefit from reading. As an educator and a mentor to professionals new to the field, The Case Managers Handbook allows me to be up to date and have a reference that I can share with others.” - Anne Llewellyn, RN, CCM, Digital Journalist, Nurse Advocate; Past President, Case Management Society of America (CMSA) National

  • “If you are a seasoned case manager or studying to be one, this is THE book you need! I have been a board-certified case manager for 13 years working in catastrophic case management, home care case management, and managed care case management. Throughout my career I have collaborated with all healthcare and community resources and without exception, we all have this book within reach. Now more than ever before it is CRUCIAL to stay abreast of the ever-changing healthcare landscape, failure to do so may result in poor outcomes for your patients. The Case Manager's Handbook is a robust source for everything from case management principals to implementation and care coordination. Additionally the guidance in regulatory and compliance ensures a safe practice. As a case manager, patient centered care and patient advocacy is the core of why we do what we do. However, all too often we become myopic and focus on day-to-day tasks while putting out fires. The content of this handbook provides the necessary insight to be more proactive and inclusive of all patients in all care settings on the clinical, psycho-social, and overall needs of the patient and their caregivers.” - Tricia Litzinger, RN, BSN, CCM, CDS, WCC, Director of Case Management and Clinical Services, Hill-Rom

  • “This book is an excellent tool for both new and experienced case managers. Regardless of the case management setting, [it] is an excellent resource to use to develop programs, onboard new case managers or to keep experienced case managers current. I am not aware of another publication / book that covers this breath of information across all types of case management.” —Karen Chambers, RN, CDMS, CCM, CTC; VP, Clinical Outcomes, NaviHealth

  • “ ‘go to’ guide throughout my case management career. It is a source of foundational knowledge for the case manager, as well as up-to-date information about industry trends that influence current practice. The 6th edition of The Case Manager's Handbook builds upon previous content to highlight, among other important topics, evolving reimbursement models, provider organization structures and patient engagement strategies. Understanding these topics is fundamental to our ability to serve as advocates both for our patients and our profession. I highly recommend The Case Manager's Handbook to both new and seasoned case management professionals, as well as anyone who is building a case management program in this dynamic health care environment.” —Anne Meara, Vice President, Care Management at NYU Langone Health System

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ISBN-13: 9781284102406

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