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Android App Development Includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access

Author(s): Hervé J. Franceschi, Loyola University Maryland
  • ISBN-13: 9781284092127
  • ISBN-10:1284092127
  • Navigate 2 Advantage Access     682 pages      © 2018
Price: $119.95 US List
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Each new print copy of Android App Development includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access that unlocks a complete eBook, Study Center, homework and Assessment Center, and a dashboard that reports actionable data.

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Using innovative, engaging methods, Android App Development cultivates student knowledge of app development through a progressive, building block approach. Each chapter includes a classroom-friendly, meaningful app that illustrates the concepts covered at the chapter level. Model View Controller architecture is used throughout the book to promote good software engineering practice. Students will be engaged by essential as well as specialized topics such as XML resources, event-driven programming, animation, sounds, making a game, voice recognition, and more.

Key Features:
• Android Studio, the official development environment by Google, is used to develop all applications
• The Model View Controller architecture is used throughout the book, allowing the instructor to download the Model and concentrate on the View and Controller elements of the app
• Students learn how to make device-independent apps using a progressive approach, incorporating fun topics such as animation, sounds, photo editing, using the GPS, displaying a map, and advertising
• Software Engineering and Common Error boxes highlight software engineering tips and common errors throughout each chapter
• Chapters are written independently of others so that instructors can select topics and customize the book to their course
• Each chapter concludes with exercises for student practice, including Multiple Choice, Fill In the Code, and Write an App exercises


Applicable Courses

Android App Development

Mobile Programming using Android

Mobile Programming

Chapter 1 Basics of Android: Hello World  
Chapter 2 Model View Controller, GUI Components, Events  
Chapter 3 Coding the GUI Programmatically, Layout Managers  
Chapter 4 Multiple Activities, Passing Data between Activities, Transitions, Persistent Data  
Chapter 5 Menus, SQLite  
Chapter 6 Managing the Device Orientation  
Chapter 7 Touches and Swipes  
Chapter 8 Graphics, Animations, Sounds and Gaming  
Chapter 9 Fragments  
Chapter 10 Using Libraries and their APIs: Speech Recognition and Maps  
Chapter 11 Using the GPS and Location Services  
Chapter 12 Using an Existing app: Taking a Photo and Sending an Email  
Chapter 13 XML and Content Apps  
Chapter 14 Making an Android Widget  
Chapter 15 In App Advertising  
Chapter 16 Security and Encryption  
Appendix A: Retrieving the Height of the Status Bar and the Action Bar Dynamically  
Appendix B: Setting the Font Size of a TextView Dynamically  
Appendix C: How to Download and Install Google Services, Use Maps  
Appendix D: The AsyncTask Class  

Hervé J. Franceschi-Loyola University Maryland

Hervé Franceschi has a mathematics and computer science background with extensive teaching experience. He likes to assign exercises and problems from a variety of angles, as well as an occasional group project where students can develop communication skills in addition to working on more complex projects. In addition to his teaching duties, Mr. Franceschi has developed a full set of browser-enabled, user interactive, shockwave movies for the CS1 curriculum and part of the CS2 curriculum. He holds an MS in Engineering Management from Stanford University and an MS in Computer Science from University of Maryland Baltimore County.

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ISBN-13: 9781284092127

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