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Health Industry Communication, Second Edition
New Media, New Methods, New Message

Author(s): Nancy J. Hicks, Principal, NJH Healthcare Communications
Christina M. Nicols, Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Planning and Research, Hager Sharp
  • ISBN-13: 9781284077759
  • Paperback    446 pages      © 2017
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Health Industry Communication: New Media, New Methods, New Message, Second Edition, is a one-of-a-kind text that fills a critical gap in the literature for communications students as well as students of health administration and public health.

With contributions from leading practitioners in every industry sector, this text is a robust look at the full spectrum of healthcare communications. The chapters offer a 360-degree view of the world of health communication from a business and marketing outlook as well as a look at special topics that impact health communicators.

Four sections cover over 20 topics—contributed by authors from both private and public health organizations—in institutional communication and marketing; consumer communication and social marketing; communication to achieve policy change; and media and measurement. Some of the unique topics include brand development in pediatric healthcare, contributed by an author from a well-known children's hospital; using paid and shared media in communication campaigns; and a look at efforts to achieve federal policy change through advocacy and communication.

The second edition of Health Industry Communication: New Media, New Methods, New Message, Second Edition provides six new chapters in the following topics:

  • Ethics in health communications, including an overview of ethical principles and guidelines as well as recent case examples;
  • Health literacy and risk communications, including components of health literacy, recent efforts to advance health literature, principles of risk communications, and recent case examples;
  • Using paid and shared media in health communications, including practical counsel on how to optimize reach and engagement with target audiences;
  • Creating a national healthcare brand for Ascension, a healthcare system comprised of 131 local hospitals and more than 1,900 sites of care, including hundreds of physician practices.
  • Developing a national bone health campaign to sustain healthy behaviors among girls, including audience-centered research, strategic partnerships, and process and outcomes measures.
  • Developing a campaign to implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), which describes a case example of an enrollment campaign to ensure the success of the new health insurance exchange in Washington, DC.
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  Section  1  The Health Communicator’s Toolbox
    Chapter  1  The Growth of Health Communications—A Story of Consumer Power and Medical Innovation
    Chapter  2  Both Sides Now: Viewing Media through the Public Relations Prism
    Chapter  3  Research for Health Communication
    Chapter  4  The Communication Planning Process
    Chapter  5  Using Paid and Shared Media in Communication Campaigns
    Chapter  6  A Practical Guide to Ethical Health Communication
    Chapter  7  Health Literacy and Risk Communication
  Section  2  Institutional Communication Efforts
    Chapter  8  Health Professional Associations: Finding the Balance Between Profession and Business
    Chapter  9  Building a National Brand for a Children’s Hospital
    Chapter  10  Crisis Communication in the Health Sector
    Chapter  11  Hospital Media Relations in a Time of Change
    Chapter  12  An A to Z Guide for Communicating the Launch of a New Pharmaceutical Product
    Chapter  13  The Journey to Becoming One Ascension: Building a Unified Health Care Brand
  Section  3  Consumer Communication Campaigns
    Chapter  14  Plan for Your Health: A Public Education Campaign to Build Awareness and Gain Consumer Preference
    Chapter  15  “It’s All Coming Together”—Communications Strategy for the Medicare art D National Education and Enrollment Campaign
    Chapter  16  Spurring Action on Heart Disease in Women: How a Nonprofit Can Strategically Partner with a Government Campaign
    Chapter  17  Best Bones Forever! Lifecycle of a Social Marketing Campaign
    Chapter  18  Reaching Targeted Audiences in an Evolving Media Environment
  Section  4  Health Policy Advocacy and Implementation
    Chapter  19  The Society for Women’s Health Research—Advocacy and Communications at Work
    Chapter  20  Changing Obesity Policies and Behavioral Risk Factors through Social Marketing: Case Study of the Chicago 5-4-3-2-1 Go! Program
    Chapter  21  Health Reform: The New Era of Prevention
    Chapter  22  Insuring the Uninsured: Reaching Consumers in the DC Marketplace

Nancy J. Hicks-Principal, NJH Healthcare Communications

Christina M. Nicols-Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Planning and Research, Hager Sharp

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ISBN-13: 9781284077759

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