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Discrete Structures, Logic, and Computability, Fourth Edition

Author(s): James L. Hein, Professor Emeritus, Portland State University
  • ISBN-13: 9781284070408
  • Product With Access Code    1040 pages      © 2017
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Includes access to student companion website

Updated to align to the latest 2013 ACM/IEEE Computer Science curricula, Discrete Structures, Logic, and Computability, Fourth Edition is designed for the one- to two-term Discrete Mathematics course.  The structure of the book supports the spiral method of learning, by first introducing basic information, allowing students to work on the problem, and then revisiting the topic as new information and skills are established.  This method, coupled with a student-friendly and simplified writing style, provides an accessible yet comprehensive level of coverage.

Written for prospective computer scientists, computer engineers, or applied mathematicians, who wish to learn about the ideas that underlie computer science, this edition contains an extensive coverage of logic, setting it apart from other books in the field.

Features & Benefits

  • NEW! – Over 300 new exercises and 125 new examples have been added throughout the text
  • NEW! – Learning objectives and review questions have been added to every section
  • NEW! – Includes a new Chapter 10, Graph Theory, expanding the introductory material presented in Chapter 1
  • EXPANDED! – Provides expanded coverage of informal proof , which includes a wider range of proof techniques and examples
  • EXPANDED! – Provides expanded coverage of discrete probability including conditional independence and elementary statistics
  • NEW! – Includes access to the Navigate Student Companion Website, featuring a Student Study Guide and a Lab Book of experiments that use a free open-source mathematics software system

Applicable Courses

Written for math students taking Discrete Math classes, prospective computer scientist, computer engineers, or applied mathematicians who want to learn the ideas that underlie computer science.

Chapter 1 Elementary Notions and Notations  
Chapter 2 Facts about Functions  
Chapter 3 Construction Techniques  
Chapter 4 Binary Relations and Inductive Proof  
Chapter 5 Analysis Tools and Techniques  
Chapter 6 Elementary Logic  
Chapter 7 Predicate Logic  
Chapter 8 Applied Logic  
Chapter 9 Algebraic Structures and Techniques  
Chapter 10 Graph Theory  
Chapter 11 Languages and Automata  
Chapter 12 Computational Notions  

James L. Hein-Professor Emeritus, Portland State University

James Hein is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Computer Science at Portland State University. He has a PhD in mathematics from Northwestern University and an MS in computer science from Stanford University. He continues to enjoy finding ways to help students learn about the mathematical foundations of computer science.

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ISBN-13: 9781284070408

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