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Clinical Research for the Doctor of Nursing Practice, Second Edition

Author(s): Allison J. Terry, PhD, MSN, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Auburn University at Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama
  • ISBN-13: 9781284045932
  • Paperback    516 pages      © 2015
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Rated 3 Stars by Doody's!

"This book is easy to understand and includes features to stimulate critical thinking such as the toolboxes found throughout the chapters. It is a good quality book that would be appropriate for a DNP course on research and/or capstone projects.

Clinical Research for the Doctor of Nursing Practice, Second Edition offers a streamlined approached to application based clinical research and the development of the capstone project. The text allows for a hands-on approach through its inclusion of sample research studies that encourage analysis and an overall understanding of the nursing research process.

The Second Edition features new research studies as well as instruction on motivational interviewing, conducting an organizational assessment as well as how to work with a committee to craft a research proposal.This text is appropriate for any DNP course focused on research including the Capstone course.

New to the Second Edition:
How to critique a research article
How to form the research committee
How to use motivational interviewing as a data collection technique
How to review a manuscript submitted for publication
How to conduct an organizational assessment
How to accurately evaluate research
How to develop the project proposal


Applicable Courses

Advanced Nursing Research
Evidence-Based Practice

Chapter  1  The Importance of Research in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program
Chapter  2  Developing the Researchable Problem
Chapter  3  Conducting a Literature Review
Chapter  4  Ethics in Clinical Research
Chapter  5  Designing a Clinically-based Quantitative Capstone Research Project
Chapter  6  Designing a Clinically-based Qualitative Capstone Research Project
Chapter  7  Designing a Clinically-based Mixed Methods Capstone Research Project
Chapter  8  Sampling
Chapter  9  Data Collection
Chapter  10  Issues Related to Survey Data Collection
Chapter  11  Data Analysis
Chapter  12  Writing the Research Report for Potential Publication

Allison J. Terry, PhD, MSN, RN-Assistant Professor of Nursing, Auburn University at Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama

Dr. Terry has been Assistant Professor of Nursing at Auburn University at Montgomery since 2009. She teaches in the baccalaureate nursing program. She has previously been Director of Alabama’s Center for Nursing as well as the Director of Community Certification for the Alabama Department of Mental Health’s Mental Retardation Division.

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