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Navigate Scenario: LearnScapes for Health Care Marketing

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BROWSE our complete collection of LearnScapes for Health Care Administration.

This collection of four LearnScapes (interactive video case studies) provides students with a realistic, immersive environment that reinforces lessons gathered from a collection of best-selling Jones & Bartlett Learning healthcare marketing textbooks. Through immersive technology and instructional design these LearnScapes create an environment in which the student can wholly take on the role of a marketing consultant who works with the staff of a large Health Care system. The student will make decisions and see the impact of their participation in real time. The student will benefit from LearnScape features including: photorealistic virtual locations, video interactions, interactive documentation, checkpoint diagnostics, remediation, and natural assessment.

Each LearnScape will have a natural assessment mapped to the specific learning outcomes from the courseware. This assessment will be integrated naturally into the flow of the LearnScape storyline. All student responses and submissions will be stored and compiled into a single Microsoft Word file. The file may be downloaded to the student’s desktop, allowing the student to submit to the instructor for grading.

Recently Bright Road Health Care System has experienced a downward trend in its number of patients.  Consultants have been contracted by the Board to mystery shop their services and understand the patients’ experience.  A health care marketing consultant is hired to work with different areas of the Health Care System to make marketing recommendations in the areas of differentiation, positioning, customer retention, and market responsiveness. To support this general storyline, these LearnScapes create an immersive world with photorealistic healthcare and office settings, complete with various floors, facilities, and supporting characters -- both in the Health Care System and the student’s own consulting firm --  with whom the student will interact. The student will  gain information from these characters, along with other resources, to analyze the Health Care System’s marketing needs and strategy and make recommendations.

LearnScape 1 – Staying Relevant
In this LearnScape, the student will meet with the CEO of Bright Road Health Care System to discuss her concerns about the relevancy of their online resources, given the large Gen Y population the hospital serves, and the projected increase of Gen Z populations in that area. The student will work with the Marketing Director of Bright road to learn about their current online and social media resources and utilization information. Using this information, the student will then make recommendations to the CEO about how to improve online presence.

LearnScape 2 – Patient Engagement
In this LearnScape, the student will work with Bright Road staff members to gather information about their patient demographics, and then analyze the functionality and utility of the Health Care System’s Personal Health Record, a resource provided to their patients.  Using this information, the student will make recommendations on how to improve the functionality and utility of the Personal Health Record.

LearnScape 3 – Recovery and Retention
The main Urgent Care Facility within the Health Care System has experienced a marked decrease in returning customers. In this LearnScape, the student evaluates the patient experience with the facility from appointment scheduling through the visit with the staff and physicians. The patient experience evaluation elements include clinical, process, and environmental elements. Based on this information, the student will recommend operational changes, if appropriate.

LearnScape 4 - How Are We Doing?
It’s time for a marketing audit! In this LearnScape, the student will apply the concepts learned throughout the training. The Health Care System wants to see how responsive they are to market needs and preferences, and if their marketing strategies are showing a good return on investment. The student has been brought in as an objective party to perform this audit. During this LearnScape, the student will choose the right people to be in the interviews and choose the best questions to ask.

LearnScape One  Staying Relevant
LearnScape Two  Patient Engagement
LearnScape Three  Recovery and Retention
LearnScape Four  How Are We Doing?

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