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Life Cycle Nutrition, Second Edition
An Evidence-Based Approach

Author(s): Sari Edelstein, PhD, RDN, Professor, Retired, Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Simmons College
  • ISBN-13: 9781284036671
  • Product With Access Code    560 pages      © 2015
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Revised and updated with the latest epidemiologic research, the Second Edition of  Life Cycle Nutrition: An Evidence-Based Approach explores nutritional foundations and the growth, development and normal functioning of individuals through each stage of life. With subjects as diverse as media influences on eating, skipping breakfast, fruit juice consumption, and clinical nutrition, this text gives students current knowledge, helps them evaluate emerging knowledge, and prepares them to uncover new knowledge for the public, their clients, and themselves.

The Second Edition takes a topical, multi-disciplinary approach to the physiological, biochemical, sociological, and developmental factors that affect nutrient requirements and recommendations at the various stages of the life cycle. The issues surrounding topics such as chronic disease in adults are discussed throughout the adult stage. This approach makes it easier for students to relate nutrition concepts and epidemiologic research to the stages of life.

Features & Benefits

  • Evidence-Based Practice sections contains research articles that provide students with an opportunity to create peer-reviewed studies and clinical trials.
  • Cultural Diversity Sidebars, integrated throughout the text, present issues that challenge students to think critically about the nutritional and health differences among ethnic groups.
  • Interesting Vignettes, based on nutrition and health, enhance student understanding of the material presented.
  • Issues to Debate sections provides timely topics for debate and further consideration such as withholding and withdrawing nutrition, the ethical implications of nutrition care, and right to die case law. Students will learn the physiological, moral, ethical, and legal issues surrounding these emotionally charged issues.
  • Case Studies and Nutritional Management help students develop knowledge and skills within a wide variety of subjects and improve critical thinking, public speaking, and group interactions.

Applicable Courses

Appropriate Courses include:

  •      Life Cycle Nutrition
  •     Nutrition through the Life Cycle
  •     Nutrition in Human Development
Section  I  Evidence-Based Nutrition in the Life Cycle: Prenatal to the Adolescent
  Chapter  1  Nutrition Requirements During Pregnancy (Lisa S. Brown, PhD, RD)
  Chapter  2  Normal Infant Nutrition (Jennifer L. Bueche, PhD, RD, CDN, and Rachelle Lessen, MS, RD, IBCLC)
  Chapter  3  Normal Nutrition for Toddler Through School-Aged Children and the Role of Parents in Promoting Healthy Nutrition in Early Childhood (Jennifer Sabo, RD, LDN, CNSD, and Barbara Robinson, MPH, RD, CNSC, LDN)
  Chapter  4  Normal Adolescent Nutrition (Pamela S. Hinton, PhD)
  Chapter  5  Special Topics in Prenatal and Infant Nutrition: Genetics and Inborn Errors of Metabolism and Failure to Thrive (Laura Harkness, PhD, RD, Sara Snow, MS, RD, Claire Blais, RD, CDE, LDN, Jessica Burfield, RD, LDN, Jennifer Blair, RD, CSP, LDN, Christie Husa, MBA, RD, LDN, and Rebecca Randall, MS, RD, LDN)
  Chapter  6  Special Topics in Toddler and Preschool Nutrition: Vitamins and Minerals in Childhood and Children with Disabilities (Aaron Owens, MS, RD, Harriet H. Cloud, MS, RD, FADA, and Sharon Collier, RD, LD, M Ed)
  Chapter  7  Special Topics in School-Aged Nutrition: Pediatric Vegetarianism, Childhood Obesity, and Food Allergies (Reed Mangels, PhD, RD, LD, Inger Stallmann, Ms, RD, LD, Edna Harris-Davis, MS, MPH, RD, LD, Shideh Mofidi, MS, RD, CSP, Anne R. Lee, MS Ed RD, Stefani A. Giampa, MS, RD, LDN, and Ashley Smith, DVM, MS, RD, LD)
  Chapter  8  Special Topics in Preadolescent and Adolescent Nutrition: Dietary Guidelines for Athletes, Pediatric Diabetes, and Disordered Eating (Pamela S. Hinton, PhD, and Karen Chapman-Novakofski, RD, LDN, PhD)
Section  II  Adult Evidence-Based Nutrition in the Life Cycle
  Chapter  9  Special Topics in Adult Nutrition: Chronic Disease Nutritional Assessment (Jennifer L. Bueche, PhD, RD, CDN)
  Chapter  10  Special Topics in Adults and Chronic Diseases: Nutrition and Public Health (Judith Sharlin, PhD, RD, and Amy Sheeley, PhD, RD, LDN)
  Chapter  11  Special Topics in Adult Nutrition: Physical Activity and Weight Management (Kristen Kochenour, BS, and Stella Lucia Volpe, PhD, RD, LDN, FACSM)
  Chapter  12  Special Topics in Nutrition and the Older Adult: Diet, Lifestyle, Disease, and Pharmacologic Considerations (Roschelle Heuberger, PhD, RD, and Ronni Chernoff, PhD, RD, FAND, FASPEN)
  Chapter  13  Special Topics in Age-Related Risks: Unique Nutrition Issues in the Older Adult (Karen M. Funderburg, MS, RD, LD, Migy K. Mathews, MD, and Courtney Moskal, MS, RD)
  Chapter  14  Special Topics Related to the Registered Dietitian and Older Adults: Roles and Responsibilities of the Registered Dietitian in Long-Term Care (Victoria Hammer Castellanos, PhD, RD, and Angela Sader, RD, LD, MBA)
  Chapter  15  Special Topics in Nutrition and Ethics: Feeding and Ethical Issues at the End of Life (Judith Sharlin, PhD, RD, I. David Todres, MD, and Julie O'Sullivan Maillet, PhD, RD)
  Appendix  1  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Growth Charts
  Appendix  2  Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs)
  Appendix  3  Body Mass Index for Adults
  Appendix  4  Review for the Registered Examination for Dietitian (Karlyn Grimes, MS, RD, LDN)

Sari Edelstein, PhD, RDN-Professor, Retired, Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Simmons College

Dr. Edelstein is currently retired.  Her previous position was of Associate Professor in the Nutrition and Dietetics Department at Simmons College. She taught both Food Science and Food service classes.  Before coming to Simmons College, Dr. Edelstein has previously been in private practice and has served as a hospital Food Service Director and Chief Dietitian.

She is the author of many research articles, inclusive of topics on ethics, yoga, the glycemic index, and athletic performance as well as the author or editor of books, which include:
The Healthy Young Child, Wadsworth Publishing, 1995;
Nutrition in Public Health, Second Edition, Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2005;
Nutrition: Rapid References for Nurses, Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2007;
Managing Food and Nutrition Services for the Hospitality, Culinary and Nutrition Professions, Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2007;
Life Cycle Nutrition: An Evidence-Based Approach, Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2008.

Education Background
BS Florida State University
MS Florida International University
PhD University of Florida

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