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Kraus' Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society, Tenth Edition

Author(s): Daniel McLean, PhD, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Amy Hurd, PhD, CPRE, Illinois State University
  • ISBN-13: 9781284034103
  • Product With Access Code    346 pages      © 2015
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NEW 10th Edition!

With a new full-color design with perforated worksheets, the Tenth Edition of Kraus' Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society provides a detailed introduction to the history, developments, and current trends in leisure studies. It addresses contemporary issues facing the recreation and leisure profession and focuses on challenges and opportunities that impact the profession now as well as years from now.  Extensive research into emerging trends helps support the text and provide insights into the future.  

Focusing on the ten different types of organizations --ranging from nonprofit community organizations and armed forces recreation to sports management and travel and tourism sponsors -- this classic text text is an invaluable resource for students considering a career in the recreation and leisure industry.

Features & Benefits

  • Discusses how specific trends, such as dramatic shifts in population make-up, the impact of technology, and marketing affect leisure-service systems and the recreation and park professions.
  • Focus on the role of parks and recreation on the health and wellness of our communities as well as means to combat the obesity epidemic in North America.
  • Includes new case studies which allow students to apply knowledge of technology in leisure, identify the value and benefits of play, and recognize the changing family structures of our modern society.

Applicable Courses

Written for the freshman or sophomore undergraduate course in Recreation and Leisure studies.

Possible course titles include:

  • Introduction to Recreation and Leisure
  • Foundations of Recreation and Leisure
  • History and Philosophy of Recreation and Leisure
  • Leisure in Society
Chapter  1  Recreation and Leisure
Chapter  2  Basic Concepts
Chapter  3  Early History of Recreation and Leisure
Chapter  4  Recreation and Leisure in the Modern Era
Chapter  5  Leisure Motivation
Chapter  6  Sociocultural Factors Affecting Leisure
Chapter  7  Social Functions of Community Recreation
Chapter  8  The Leisure-Service System
Chapter  9  Specialized Leisure-Service Areas
Chapter  10  Travel and Tourism
Chapter  11  Sport as Leisure
Chapter  12  Leisure as Profession
Chapter  13  Future Perspectives of Recreation and Leisure

Daniel McLean, PhD-University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Dan McLean completed his doctorate in the Department of Educational Administration at Kansas State University. He is an active member of the National Recreation & Park Association, Society of Park & Recreation Educators, Resort Commercial Recreation Association, and the American Park and Recreation Society. He has served on the faculties at Kansas State University, Iowa State University, and Indiana University. He is the Research Director and Project Director for the State Park Information Resources Center, an affiliate of the National Association of State Park Directors. His research has focused on leadership, management, strategic planning. He has served as president of the American Association for Leisure and Recreation and the Iowa Park and Recreation Association. He served as Director of the Cedar Rapids, IA Recreation Commission.

Amy Hurd, PhD, CPRE-Illinois State University

Amy Hurd joined the faculty at Illinois State University as an Assistant Professor in the fall of 2001. She completed her bachelor’s (1989) and master’s degree (2000) in park and recreation administration at Indiana University, and her PhD in 2001 in leisure behavior from IU. Prior to returning to IU for her graduate work, Amy was the Marketing Director at the Champaign Park District from 1989-1997.

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ISBN-13: 9781284034103

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