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Global Health 101, Second Edition

Author(s): Richard Skolnik, MPA, Yale, School of Public Health, New Haven, Connecticut
  • ISBN-13: 9780763797515
  • Paperback    434 pages      © 2012
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Instructor Resources: Image Bank, Instructor's Manual, PowerPoints, TestBank, Transition Guide

Rated by an independent panel as the best introductory Global Health text for UNDERGRADUATES. (full review)

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Global Health 101, Second Edition (formerly titled Essentials of Global Health) is a clear, concise, and user-friendly introduction to the most critical issues in global health. It illustrates key themes with an extensive set of case studies, examples, and the latest evidence. While the book offers a global perspective, particular attention is given to the health-development link, to developing countries, and to the health needs of poor and disadvantaged people. Global Health 101 builds on the success of an introductory global health course taught by the author at the George Washington School of Public Health and Health Services and is ideally suited for the Association of American Colleges and Universities recommended course by the same name. The text is accompanied by a wealth of instructor’s resources, as well as a robust companion website with videos, presentations, and references intended to help both teachers and students.

Richard Skolnik is the winner of numerous honors for teaching, has taught global health for 8 years, and has more than 30 years of experience as a global health practitioner in multilateral, university, and NGO settings. He has been actively involved in dealing with critical issues in global health at country level and at the highest levels of international health policy making. Learn more about the author.

“Richard Skolnik's [Global Health 101] is so comprehensive that it will be key reading in international health. In accessible language, he explains why good health is crucial to economic development, what indicators help track changes in global health, and requirements for good health systems. Approaches to solving world health problems must be under pinned by good ethics and human rights guidelines, he says, and local practices and cultures must not be ignored. Skolnik looks in detail at children's and women's health, and at the different challenges of tackling communicative and non-communicative disease in developing countries. He also maps out the key players in global health and looks ahead to future challenges.”
—The Lancet, October 2007

The book is organized in four parts:

- Principles, Measurements, and the Health-Development Link: The principles of Global Health; Health Determinants, Measurements, and Trends; and Health, Education, Poverty, and the Economy.
- Cross-Cutting Global Health Themes: Human Rights, Ethics, and Global Health; An Introduction to Health Systems; and Culture and Health.
- The Burden of Disease: The Environment and Health; Nutrition and Health; Women’s Health; Child Health; Infectious Diseases; Non-Communicable Diseases; and Unintentional Injuries.
- Working Together to Improve Global Health: Conflicts, Natural Disasters, and Other Emergencies; Cooperating to Improve Global Health; and, Science Technology, and the Public’s Health.”

Updates to the Second Edition:

  • Numerous Case Studies and Policy and Program Briefs
  • The most recent data on the burden of diseases of importance and updated tables and charts with the most recent projections of the future burden of disease
  • An expanded section on health disparities and health equity
  • A greatly expanded section on Neglected Tropical Diseases
  • Expanded sections on the financing of global health and innovative financing mechanisms
  • A new section on drug resistance and emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases
  • Additional information on innovative mechanisms for program implementation in areas related to key chapter topics, such as performance-based financing.
  • An expanded section on public-private partnerships and product development partnerships for health
  • About 30 briefs on policies and programs illustrating the main chapter themes
  • A NEW chapter, “Working in Global Health”, which details the many career opportunities in the field.
  • A NEW chapter "Profiles of Global Health Actors" that offers informative and inspiring profiles of 18 global health actors, from women who lead grassroots organizations for HIV positive women in Africa to senior staff of major international organizations.
  • A completely revised chapter on ethics in global health, highlighting key ethical concepts to be considered in global health efforts
  • An expanded chapter on non-communicable diseases including new and expanded sections on demography and health and vital registration
  • A NEW section on on health and equity
  • Substantially expanded information on the key irganizational actors in global health.

Instructor Resources

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Student Resources

A Companion Website, including:

  • Interactive Glossary
  • Flash Cards
  • Crosswords
  • Matching Questions
  • Model Papers
  • Web Links

Looking for more real-life evidence? Check out Cases 1, 3, 6, 7, & 13 in Essential Case Studies in Public Health, Putting Public Health into Practice.

Applicable Courses

Global Health 101, Introduction to Global Health, Essentials of Global Health, International Health

Part  1  Principles, Measurements, and the Health-Development Link
  Chapter  1  The Principles and Goals of Global Health
  Chapter  2  Health Determinants, Measurements, and Trends
  Chapter  3  Health, Education, Poverty, and the Economy
Part  II  Cross-Cutting Global Health Themes
  Chapter  4  Ethical and Human Rights Concerns in Global Health
  Chapter  5  An Introduction to Health Systems
  Chapter  6  Culture and Health
Part  III  The Burden of Disease
  Chapter  7  The Environment and Health
  Chapter  8  Nutrition and Global Health
  Chapter  9  Women’s Health
  Chapter  10  Child Health
  Chapter  11  Communicable Diseases
  Chapter  12  Non-Communicable Diseases
  Chapter  13  Unintentional Injuries
Part  IV  Working Together to Improve Global Health
  Chapter  14  Natural Disasters and Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
  Chapter  15  Working Together to Improve Global Health
  Chapter  16  Science, Technology, and Global Health
  Chapter  17  Working in Global Health
  Chapter  18  Profiles of Global Health Actors

Richard Skolnik, MPA-Yale, School of Public Health, New Haven, Connecticut

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  • Advance Praise for the Second Edition:

    “Richard Skolnik’s book is a goldmine for students who are looking for a strong foundation and practical, up-to-date information about the key aspects of the global health field. The book conceptualizes this broad field in meaningful sections, which are well researched and extremely readable. Skolnik has found the right balance between theory and practice. The selected cases give wonderful insights about real-life challenges in global health, and Skolnik’s emphasis on the unfinished agenda of alleviating poverty, enhancing equity, and improving the health of the poor in low and middle-income countries is especially welcome. This book is a must-read for undergraduate and graduate students alike who want to improve human health around the globe.”

    Elizabeth H. Bradley, PhD
    Professor of Public Health
    Global Health Leadership Institute
    Yale University

    “This book will be useful to students who are excited about global health and who wish to channel their enthusiasm into learning. Because Richard Skolnik has spent a career converting ideas into action, a particularly strong feature of this volume is its emphasis on the relevance of global health knowledge to the practical challenges of today. This book is essential for all students of any age interested in studying, and solving, some of the major global challenges of our time.”

    Prabhat Jha, MD, DPhil
    Canada Research Chair in Health and Development
    Director, Centre for Global Health Research
    Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael’s Hospital
    Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

    Praise for the First Edition:

    “This is a user-friendly, significant new resource, not only for undergraduate students, but also for the many other audiences that should be conversant with global health facts and policy issues. It is succinct, well referenced, and an engaging read. Perhaps most important, it broadens conventional boundaries to encompass culture, human rights, and partnerships.”

    Adrienne Germain
    President, International Women’s Health Coalition

    “In this welcome book, Richard Skolnik provides a rare combination: a synthesis that combines breadth with technical accuracy and readability. The field of global health has, until now, lacked a good overview. Skolnik has filled that gap with a volume that is sure to attract a range of audiences.”

    Dean T. Jamison, PhD
    Professor of Health Economics
    University of California, San Francisco

  • "I selected Skolnik as a text for a graduate course in global health since it provides an excellent overview of foundational principles and content in global health that can be supplemented with other readings and reports. I appreciate a text in which one can read a chapter that maintains one's attention and provides an excellent summary of highlights as well as great questions for class discussion. I look forward to seeing the second edition."

    ~ Linda Baumann, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Errata
  • Chapter 2
    Health Determinants, Measurements, and Trends
  • Front Matter
    Table of Contents, Comprehensive Online Resources Available, Prologue, Foreword, Acknowledgments, About the Author, Abbreviations, Quotable Global Health Quotes and Introduction
  • Chapter 1
    The Principles and Goals of Global Health

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ISBN-13: 9780763797515

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