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Social Problems

Author(s): Alex Thio, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, (late of) Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Jim D. Taylor, PhD, Professor, Ohio University Zanesville
  • ISBN-13: 9780763793098
  • Paperback    476 pages      © 2012
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Authored by leading educators and authorities on the subject, this new text provides a constructionist/conflict approach to the various kinds of social problems that relate to deviance, institutions, and globalizations. Using an arousing, lively style of writing, Thio and Taylor introduce students to a comprehensive set of contemporary social problems while encouraging them to apply the sociological insights beyond the classroom and in their daily lives.

Social Problems consists of 16 chapters divided into 5 parts. Each chapter opens with an engaging vignette and provides the nature and extent of a social problem, the conflicting views of the problem, various sociological theories of the problem, global aspects of the problem, social policies for dealing with the problem, and sociological insights on the problem that students can use to enhance their lives. Each chapter concludes with key terms, critical thinking questions, and internet resources.

Instructor resources include Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides, an instructor's manual, and a test bank. For students, there is a companion website featuring practice quizzes, crossword puzzles, flashcards, an interactive glossary, and links to relevant research databases, all of which are organized by chapter.

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Features & Benefits

  • Provides an accessible, engaging writing style designed to help students master core concepts so you can spend less classroom time explaining basic concepts!
  • Includes interdisciplinary examples throughout making it ideal for courses taught out of Criminal Justice or Sociology departments.
  • Written to reflect the 2010 Census Update, this text is the most up-to-date and relevant resource on the subject.
  • Instructor Resources include:
    • Complete TestBank - includes multiple-choice and true or false questions, all
      with answers and page references. Also includes short-answer questions and
    • PowerPoint Lecture Outlines
  • Student Resources include a Companion Website featuring:
    • practice quizzes
    • interacive glossary
    • flashcards
    • links to relevant research databases
Part  1  Introduction to Social Problems
  Chapter  1  The Sociological Study of Social Problems
Part  2  Problems of Inequality
  Chapter  2  Economic Inequality
  Chapter  3  Racial and Ethnic Inequality
  Chapter  4  Gender Inequality
  Chapter  5  Age Inequality
Part  3  Problems of Deviance
  Chapter  6  Criminal Behavior
  Chapter  7  Interpersonal Violence
  Chapter  8  Sexual Behavior
  Chapter  9  Alcohol and Other Drugs
Part  4  Problems of Institutions
  Chapter  10  Family Problems
  Chapter  11  Educational Problems
  Chapter  12  Economic Problems
  Chapter  13  Political Problems
  Chapter  14  Healthcare Problems
Part  5  Problems of Globalization
  Chapter  15  Urbanization, Population, and Environment
  Chapter  16  War and Terrorism

Alex Thio, PhD-Professor Emeritus of Sociology, (late of) Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

The late Alex Thio, PhD, was Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Ohio University and entrepreneur. Born of Chinese parentage in Penang, Malaysia, he grew up in a multicultural environment. He acquired fluency in Mandarin Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian. He also studied English, Dutch, French and German.

For undergraduate school, Professor Thio went to Central Methodist College in Missouri, where he majored in social sciences. Later, he studied sociology as a graduate student at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and he completed his doctorate while working as a research and teaching assistant.

Professor Thio regularly taught courses in deviance, introductory sociology, social problems, and criminology. In addition to teaching, he enjoyed writing. Aside from this book, he is the author of the popular texts Deviant Behavior (2009), Society, Myths and Realities: An Introduction to Sociology (2009), and has written many articles. The author was grateful for the feedback he often received from faculty and students, which he believed improved the quality of his books.

Jim D. Taylor, PhD-Professor, Ohio University Zanesville

Jim D. Taylor, PhD, is a Professor of Sociology and Criminology at The Ohio University - Zanesville. A lifelong motorcycle rider and enthusiast, hack songwriter/guitarist and former skydiver, Dr. Taylor specializes in the sociology of masculinity, deviant behavior and race relations. Dr. Taylor has published a book on American Gun Culture, and scholarly articles on the topics of stigma management and self-injury. His current research focuses on the noble struggle of the rodeo cowboy and the intersections of rodeo sports and honky tonk music.  He currently lives in Ohio with his wife and two young sons.

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ISBN-13: 9780763793098

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