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Systems Approach Workbook for Health Education & Program Planning

Author(s): Mary E Watson, MSCP, EdD, Associate Professor of Health Sciences, Northeastern University
  • ISBN-13: 9780763786601
  • Paperback    102 pages      © 2011
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Systems Approach Workbook for Health Education & Program Planning is designed to help students plan programs in the health setting for patients, clinical students, staff development and continuing education programs. It employs program planning models and theories used in health education professions and presents a logical approach to program planning in which a student or health educator can develop a program by going chapter by chapter  Users of the workbook will develop a working knowledge of the planning process through the analysis of case studies and through the creation of a program plan that addresses a health issue in an area of interest. Information is presented in outline form so students can use it as a “cookbook” to create a program, a single lesson or an entire curriculum.

Features & Benefits

  • Cases used throughout the workbook help students practice applying the information
  • Appendix A provides many Needs Assessment forms that gives students and professionals real examples to learn from and possibly modify for their use
  • Appendix B includes many Evaluation forms for the same purpose as above
  • Each chapter includes objectives; important terms are highlighted; the practice cases and questions at the end to help process and apply the concepts
  • "Cookbook" approach is user friendly, easy to follow and easy to refer back to when needed


Applicable Courses

This workbook is perfect for use in conjunction with a program planning text. It is appropriate for courses in Health Education and Program Planning.

Chapter 1  Overview of a Systems Approach to Education and Program Planning
Chapter 2  Mission Statements
Chapter 3  Needs Assessment
Chapter 4  Developing Goals and Standards
Chapter 5  Writing Objectives
Chapter 6  Teaching Strategies
Chapter 7  Interventions and Behavior Change Models
Chapter 8  Evaluation
Appendix A  Needs Assessment Instruments
Appendix B  Sample Evaluation Instruments

Mary E Watson, MSCP, EdD-Associate Professor of Health Sciences, Northeastern University

Mary E. Watson, MSCP, EdD has been teaching health education and program planning to undergraduate and graduate students preparing for the health professions for over 25 years. Her health professional career began as a respiratory therapist in which she practiced and then taught students in academic and clinical environments. She has a master’s and doctorate degree in health education and a master’s degree in counseling psychology. As an administrator and associate professor she has a long history of developing curricula for patient education, health professional programs, and health education programs. Her combination of education and experience has contributed to her passion for teaching students and professionals to learn and apply program planning skills to their careers in the health sciences.

  • Systems Approach Workbook for Health Education & Program Planning is a great tool for instructional use and provides the guidelines needed to create a program in health education and promotion. It is difficult to find a book using a systems approach so I really appreciate this workbook.

    -Dr. Kele Ding, Health Promotion
    School of Health Sciences
    Kent State Unversity

The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9780763786601

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