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Artistic Web Design Using Adobe® Dreamweaver and Photoshop: An Introduction

Author(s): Vickie Ellen Wolper
  • ISBN-13: 9780763785949
  • Paperback    492 pages      © 2011
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This book provides an understanding of the principles of artistic design as they relate to the web, followed by the application of those design principles using Adobe® Dreamweaver and resulting in the ability to create effective websites. Tailored to users of either CS3, CS4, or the latest version of Dreamweaver, CS5, each chapter is comprised of three sections: new concepts; "reinforcing your knowledge" through projects and exercises; and a "build your own website" section designed to offer the reader the opportunity to build their own website using the concepts from each chapter. By the end of the book, the reader will have their very own website!

The book starts with an introduction to the principles of design unique to the web, and then progresses to the incorporation of those principles into Adobe Dreamweaver for aesthetically pleasing web design. In fact, several chapters of this four-color, heavily illustrated text are devoted to web design from an artist's perspective.

The author discusses understanding the psychological influence of colors, web typography and the voice of type, the principles of design as they relate to the web, and how to maximize the potential of the graphic programs the readers are already familiar with to create effective graphics, creative navigation, and more. This text brings the reader through the design stage from initial concept to graphic preparation, followed by the importing of graphics or whole pages into Dreamweaver for building the site and uploading it to the Internet. Although no programming knowledge is required, a chapter on HTML and other web programming fundamentals is included. A CD-ROM with images, sample webpages, and more accompanies the book. An instructor's resource kit is available upon adoption as a text.

Features & Benefits

  • Emphasizes design theory and practice in conjunction with using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, and the latest version, CS5, and Adobe Photoshop applications
  • Covers an introduction to HTML, with each Dreamweaver chapter feature shown in split view to further enhance the understanding of HTML
  • Includes project exercises and instructor's resource disk with slides in PowerPoint format, quizzes, solutions, 4-color figures, etc.
  • Numerous projects and exercises allow the reader to create an original website from concept to uploading

Applicable Courses

This book is ideal for use in course such as:

Web Page Design: Adobe Dreamweaver, Graphic Design, Website Construction Using Dreamweaver and Photoshop, Web Design using Macromedia Dreamweaver

Part 1  The Design Phase - Before Launching Dreamweaver
  Chapter 1  Creating the Cricital First Impression of Your Site
  Chapter 2  Typography for the Web vs. the Printed Page
  Chapter 3  Designing the Layout of Your Web Site
  Chapter 4  Preparing Graphics for the Web
Part 2  Building Your Site in Dreamweaver
  Chapter 5  Introduction to HTML
  Chapter 6  Site Definition and Management
  Chapter 7  Starting a Document in Dreamweaver
  Chapter 8  Naming, Titling, and Adding Accessibility to Traditional vs. Frame-Based Website Pages
  Chapter 9  Defining Page Properties in Dreamweaver and Previewing a Page in a Browser
  Chapter 10  Creating a Web Page Using Tables
  Chapter 11  Adding Links, Adding Link Pages, and inserting Media
  Chapter 12  Creating a Page Using AP Divs for Layout
  Chapter 13  Adding Favicons and More Options for Accessing, Importing, and Editing Image and Media Files
  Chapter 14  Working with Text and CSS in Dreamweaver
  Chapter 15  Creating a Form in Dreamweaver
  Chapter 16  Publishing Your Site

Vickie Ellen Wolper

Vickie Ellen Wolper has been an art educator for over 32 years. Her experience in graphic software spans the major print and web graphic applications as they have evolved since 1990. A graphic design instructor of both Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop, she was instrumental in the development of the web design programs currently in place at two higher education institutions. In 1995 she established her company Unique Graphique, which has offered one-on-one graphic software training to numerous individuals and corporations throughout the New England area for the past 15 years. During that same time she has built a successful freelance graphic design business with her Photoshop talents featured on NH Chronicle, New Hampshire’s nightly documentary television series. Yet her passion remains that of providing quality instruction in graphic software designed to focus on the personal needs, interests, and future career goals of its learners.
  • None of the information presented here is exclusive, but it does bring together design and practical ideas in an engagingly visual way. Full-color screen shots and illustrations, clearly labeled and described, illustrate Web design features such as HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, tables, links, AP Divs for page layout, forms, and site publishing. Both the table of contents and index are comprehensive.

    -S. G. Almquist, University of North Texas

  • CD contents
    Find all the files contained on the CD that is packaged with new printed copies of the text.

The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9780763785949

Additional Resources for Instructors
Chapter Quizzes
Slides in PowerPoint Format

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