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Essentials of Software Engineering, Second Edition

Author(s): Frank Tsui, PhD, Southern Polytechnic State University
Orlando Karam, Southern Polytechnic State University
  • ISBN-13: 9780763785345
  • Paperback    400 pages      © 2011
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Essentials of Software Engineering, Second Edition is a comprehensive, yet concise introduction to the core fundamental topics and methodologies of software development. Ideal for new students or seasoned professionals looking for a new career in the area of software engineering, this text presents the complete life cycle of a software system, from inception to release and through support. The authors have broken the text into six distinct sections covering programming concepts, system analysis and design, principles of software engineering, development and support processes, methodologies, and product management. Presenting topics emphasized by the IEEE Computer Society sponsored Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK) and by the Software Engineering 2004 Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Software Engineering, the second edition of Essentials of Software Engineering is an exceptional text for those entering the exciting world of software development.

New topics of the Second Edition include:

  • Process definition and communications added in Chapter 4
  • Requirements traceability added in Chapter 6
  • Further design concerns, such as impedance mismatch in Chapter 7
  • Law of Demeter in Chapter 8
  • Measuring project properties and GQM in Chapter 13
  • Security and software engineering in a new Chapter 14


Features & Benefits

  • Revised and edited throughout with new sections added to many chapters.
  • Includes a new chapter section in Chapter 14, Security and Software Engineering.
  • Two set of questions follow each chapter.  The first, Review Questions, are questions that a student can answer from material discussed directly within the chapter.  The second set of exercises are meant to stimulate class discussion, be used as homework assignments, or assigned as small projects.
  • Presents the complete life cycle of software systems, from inception to release and through support.
  • Topics covered reflect those emphasized by the IEEE Computer Society sponsored Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK).


Chapter  1  Writing a Program
Chapter  2  Building a System
Chapter  3  Engineering of Software
Chapter  4  Software Process Models
Chapter  5  New and Emerging Process Methodologies
Chapter  6  Requirements Engineering
Chapter  7  Design: Architecture and Methodology
Chapter  8  Design Characteristics and Metrics
Chapter  9  Implementation
Chapter  10  Testing and Quality Assurance
Chapter  11  Configuration Management, Integration, and Builds
Chapter  12  Software Support and Maintenance
Chapter  13  Software Project Management
Chapter  14  Epilogue

Frank Tsui, PhD-Southern Polytechnic State University

Professor Tsui has more than 30 years of experience in the Software and IT industry. He is currently a full time faculty member of the School of Computing and Software Engineering at SPSU. He has also been an adjunct faculty at both Georgia Tech and Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU). Frank's formal education includes a PhD in computer science from Georgia Tech, MS from Indiana State University and a BS from Purdue. His experience includes compiler writing for RCA, business applications programming for BlueCross BlueShield, operating system development and software product management with IBM Corp., Director of Software Development with MARCAM, Vice President of Technology with PSInet/Metamor, and Chief Technology Officer with RiverLogic Inc. Several well known industry software products were developed under Tsui’s guidance: IBM's CMAS construction package, IBM's MVS/JES3 Operating System, IBM's MAPICS ERP (Second Release) package, and IBM's EDI package. He is actively involved with the software industry and is especially interested in: Development Processes, Configuration Management, Product and Service Quality, Measurements and Metrics, Testing and Validation.

Additional Titles by this Author

Orlando Karam-Southern Polytechnic State University

Orlando Karam's experiences are in Agile development and open source environment. He has also developed software for the Yucatan State Government and several companies in Mexico. Orlando holds a PhD in computer science from Tulane University and is a faculty member of Southern Polytechnic State University. Orlando is also actively involved in the studies of complexities of software.

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ISBN-13: 9780763785345

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