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Nursing Research, Fifth Edition
A Qualitative Perspective

Author(s): Patricia L. Munhall, EdD, ARNP, NCPsyA, FAAN, International Institute for Human Understanding
  • ISBN-13: 9780763785154
  • Paperback    606 pages      © 2012
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Written for nurses and nursing students, Nursing Research: A Qualitative Perspective, Fifth Edition defines qualitative research and presents information on the current state of this important field. Divided into three sections: 

  • Part One provides foundational content for understanding the qualitative research process
  • Part Two presents the more dominant methods, following each with an exemplar method
  • Part Three discusses considerations essential to conducting qualitative research

The Fifth Edition has been thoroughly updated with 10 brand new chapters. Within the text, new exemplar research chapters include the various qualitative methods, phenomenology, ethnography, grounded theory, case study, historical, narrative inquiry, and action research. This text continues to retain the combination of qualitative and quantitative methods in the same study while relying on the best qualitative researchers in the field to form an inclusive representation of qualitative research, including philosophical underpinnings, methods, exemplars, ethics, evaluation, and combining mixed methods.

Features & Benefits

New content includes:

  • Post-Modernism and Qualitative Research
  • Seven New Exemplar Studies representing two for phenomenology, ethnography, grounded theory, case study, historical, narrative inquiry and action research
  • Simultaneous and Sequential Qualitative Mixed Method Design

Applicable Courses

Graduate-level courses such as Qualitative Nursing Research and Nursing Research


Contributing Authors
PART I            The Qualitative Perspective
1          The Landscape of Qualitative Research in Nursing
2          Language and Nursing Research: The Evolution
3          Epistemology in Nursing
4          Post-modern Philosophy and Qualitative Research
PART II           Qualitative Methods and Exemplars
5          A Phenomenological Method
6          In the Eye of the Storm: A Phenomenological Inquiry of the Parallel Experience of Victims of Katrina and Nurses Who Cared for Them 
7          Grief Interrupted: The Experience of Loss Among Incarcerated Women: Exemplar of Phenomenology without Linguistic Transformation
8          Grounded Theory: The Method
9          Exemplar: Teetering on the Edge: A Second Grounded Theory Modification
10        Ethnography: The Method
11        War Stories: Frontline Reports of the Daily Experiences of Low-Income, Urban, Black Mothers
12        Case Study: The Method
13        The Body Grieves
14        Historical Research
15        History Exemplar: More Than Good Kind Angels: Exploring the Value of Nursing Service
16        Narrative Inquiry: The Method
17        Narrative Analysis: The Effects on Student Learning
Experiencing a Practicum in Marriage and Family Therapy
18        Action Research: The Methodologies
19        “I’ve waited for something like this all my life”:
PAR and Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
PART III          Internal and External Considerations in Qualitative Research
20        Ethical Considerations in Qualitative Research*
21        Institutional Review of Qualitative Research Proposals: A Task of No Small Consequence
22        Evaluation of Qualitative Research
23        Evidence-Based Nursing and Qualitative Research: A Partnership Imperative for Real-World Practice
24        Simultaneous and Sequential Qualitative
Mixed Method Designs
25        Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methods for Mixed-Method Designs

Patricia L. Munhall, EdD, ARNP, NCPsyA, FAAN-International Institute for Human Understanding

Patricia Munhall, EdD, ARNP, NCPsyA, CNLP, FAAN, has been a Professor of Nursing for thirty years at various universities, including Hunter College, CUNY, and Teachers College, Columbia University. She also has been a psychoanalyst for 16 years.  She has a Doctorate in Nursing from Columia University and graduated from The Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis as a Psychoanalyst.

She is an international speaker on phenomenology as a research method and an approach to practice, an author or editor of eleven books, including phenomenologies, and over 60 manuscripts focusing on qualitative research, research studies, unknowing, phenomenology, and philosophical analysis.  Patricia is founder and president of the International Institute for Human Understanding, which sponsors qualitative research conferences, workshops and consultations and is located presently in Miami.

Patricia currently is writing, teaching, consulting, doing research and in clinical practice in Miami, Florida.

Additional Titles by this Author
  • This edition follows the same format as previous editions. The first part provides foundational information on qualitative research. The second part covers the main qualitative methods with examples of each. The third part explores essential elements such as ethical considerations, institutional review, and evaluation of qualitative research, and discusses the use of qualitative research for evidence-based nursing. The author notes that this edition contains updated information on qualitative research, but to make room, some material from previous editions has been left out. Therefore, she stresses that previous editions continue to serve as resources since they contain valuable information not found in this edition.

    This book will be valuable to qualitative researchers. This edition does not replace previous editions.

    -Diane M Tomasic, EdD, RN (Slippery Rock University), Doody's Review Service, 2011

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