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Nonprofit Marketing

Author(s): John L. Fortenberry Jr., MBA, PhD, PhD
  • ISBN-13: 9780763782610
  • ISBN-10:0763782610
  • Paperback    294 pages      © 2013
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Nonprofit Marketing: Tools and Techniques presents a series of 35 essential marketing tools and demonstrates their application in the nonprofit sector, referencing myriad diverse entities, including zoological parks, planetariums, theater companies, medical clinics, workforce development centers, food banks, and more.

Ideal for undergraduate and graduate courses in nonprofit marketing, promotion, fundraising, and related courses, the text covers a broad spectrum of topics, including product development and portfolio analysis, branding and identity management, target marketing, consumer behavior and product promotions, environmental analysis and competitive assessment, and marketing management, strategy, and planning. Each chapter focuses on a specific marketing tool and can be read as a stand-alone presentation of the topic.

Examples include:

  • The Product Life Cycle
  • George Day’s R-W-W Screen
  • Theodore Levitt’s Total Product Concept
  • The Boston Consulting Group’s Growth/Share Matrix
  • Calder & Reagan’s Brand Design Model
  • Martin Lindstrom’s 5-D Brand Sensogram
  • Igor Ansoff’s Product-Market Expansion Grid
  • John Fortenberry’s CMC (Core Marketing Concerns) Model
  • Philip Kotler’s Segment-by-Segment Invasion Plan
  • Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model


About the Author  
  Part  1  Product Development & Portfolio Analysis Tools
    Chapter  1  The Product Life Cycle
    Chapter  2  Booz, Allen & Hamilton’s New Product Process
    Chapter  3  George Day’s R-W-W Screen
    Chapter  4  Theodore Levitt’s Total Product Concept
    Chapter  5  The Boston Consulting Group’s Growth/Share Matrix
    Chapter  6  General Electric’s Strategic Business-Planning Grid
    Chapter  7  Igor Ansoff’s Product-Market Expansion Grid
  Part  2  Branding & Identity Management Tools
    Chapter  8  Schmitt & Simonson’s Drivers Of Identity Management
    Chapter  9  Calder & Reagan’s Brand Design Model
    Chapter  10  Martin Lindstrom’s 5-D Brand Sensogram
    Chapter  11  Lederer & Hill’s Brand Portfolio Molecule
    Chapter  12  Kevin Lane Keller’s Brand Report Card
    Chapter  13  David Taylor’s Brand Stretch Spectrum
  Part  3  Target Marketing Tools
    Chapter  14  The Market-Product Grid
    Chapter  15  Kotler & Trias De Bes’ Lateral Marketing Strategy
    Chapter  16  Philip Kotler’s Segment-By-Segment Invasion Plan
    Chapter  17  The Perceptual Map
    Chapter  18  Ries & Trout’s Product Ladder
  Part  4  Consumer Behavior & Product Promotions Tools
    Chapter  19  Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs
    Chapter  20  Everett Rogers’ Diffusion Of Innovations Model
    Chapter  21  The Dagmar Marketing Communications Spectrum
    Chapter  22  Raphel & Raphel’s Loyalty Ladder
    Chapter  23  Bernd Schmitt’s Cem Framework
    Chapter  24  Osgood, Suci & Tannenbaum’s Semantic Differential
  Part  5  Environmental Analysis & Competitive Assessment Tools
    Chapter  25  The Pest Analysis
    Chapter  26  The Swot Analysis
    Chapter  27  Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model
    Chapter  28  Lehmann & Winer’s Levels Of Competition Model
    Chapter  29  Mintzberg & Van Der Heyden’s Organigraph
  Part  6  Marketing Management, Strategy & Planning Tools
    Chapter  30  John Fortenberry’s CMC (Core Marketing Concerns) Model
    Chapter  31  Leonard Berry’s Success Sustainability Model
    Chapter  32  George Day’s Market Orientation Model
    Chapter  33  Blake & Mouton’s Sales Grid
    Chapter  34  Ries & Trout’s Marketing Warfare Strategies
    Chapter  35  Philip Kotler’s Marketing Plan
    Appendix  An Introduction To Marketing

John L. Fortenberry Jr., MBA, PhD, PhD

John L. Fortenberry, Jr. serves as Chair of the James K. Elrod Department of Health Administration, MHA Program Director, James K. Elrod Professor of Health Administration, and Professor of Marketing in the School of Business at LSU Shreveport where he teaches a variety of courses in both health administration and marketing. He received a BBA in Marketing from the University of Mississippi; an MBA from Mississippi College; a PhD in Public Administration and Public Policy, with concentrations in Health Administration, Human Resource Management, and Organization Theory, from Auburn University; and a PhD in Business Administration, with a major in Marketing, from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Dr. Fortenberry’s academic research interests are centered on marketing, including the components of advertising, consumer behavior, and strategy. His specific sector interests include health, retail, and transportation industries. He is the author of six books, including Health Care Marketing: Tools and Techniques, published by Jones and Bartlett.

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ISBN-13: 9780763782610

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