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SAP® ABAP™ Handbook

Author(s): Kogent Learning Solutions, Inc.
  • ISBN-13: 9780763781071
  • Hardcover    950 pages      © 2011
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Designed as a comprehensive reference for programmers and SAP users or as review for certification, SAP ABAP Handbook includes all the major concepts related to ABAP programming. With an easy-to-follow writing style, it begins with an explanation of the SAP ERP system and progresses to the architecture of SAP R/3 to SAP ERP ECC 6.0. A complete glossary of terms is included to help the reader understand the myriad terms and programming issues associated with this language.

Topics covered:

  • Dialogs
  • ABAP dictionary
  • Error messages
  • Programming in the ABAP Editor
  • Busines Add-Ins
  • SAPscript
  • Internal tables
  • Accessing data in a SAP system
  • Modularization techniques and more


Features & Benefits

  • Provides comprehensive information for learning or reviewing ABAP concepts for certification exams
  • Includes coverage of earlier versions of SAP R/3, which are required to understand the more recent SAP ERP architecture
  • Covers SAPscript and Smart Forms
  • Discusses ABAP/4 technologies and programming
  • Includes an ABAP glossary and index for easy access to finding topics

Chapter 1: A Gateway to SAP
Chapter 2: The Logon Process of the SAP System
Chapter 3: SAP Easy Access
Chapter 4: Understanding ABAP Workbench
Chapter 5: ABAP Dictionary
Chapter 6: ABAP Programming in ABAP Editor
Chapter 7: Internal Tables
Chapter 8: Accessing Data in the SAP System
Chapter 9: Modularization Techniques
Chapter 10: ABAP User Dialogs
Chapter 11: The BDC and LSMW Tools
Chapter 12: Forms in SAP: SAPscript and SAP Smartforms
Chapter 13: Reports
Chapter 14: Business Add-Ins

Kogent Learning Solutions, Inc.

Kogent Learning Solutions, Inc. is a knowledge and HR solutions company that specializes in developing content and graphics and providing training and recruitment services. The content solutions division, which employs leading professionals and authors from industry, services the content creation needs of clients in the publication, education, and corporate sectors. Under this umbrella, content solutions offers technical books (both IT and non-IT), non-technical books (management), articles, courseware and student guides, user manuals, help files, and software documentation.
Additional Titles by this Author
  • "A skilled SAP user can use this book to enhance their skills in areas where they have not worked. It describes the techniques and procedures that are most frequently used to work with SAP R/3...I've often felt that most programming books leave off the first twenty or fifty pages that explain just what it is that they are trying to do. This one includes those pages with a short introduction to just what it is that SAP is trying to do, how it came about, and the philosophy under which it operates. This book adds to, but does not replace the existing information about SAP and gives references such as web sites where this information may be obtained."

    -John Matlock

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