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SAP® ERP Financials and FICO Handbook

Author(s): S. N. Padhi
  • ISBN-13: 9780763780807
  • Hardcover    322 pages      © 2011
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This up-to-date quick reference guides the reader through the most popular SAP module. It includes material on SAP ERP Financials, SAP FICO, and SAP R/3. Unlike most books that only provide questions and answers for certification or interview preparation, this book covers fifty common business situations related to ERP Financials/FICO and provides practical solutions for them. In addition, the book begins with over 200 FAQs and certification questions for those who need a quick review of the material. A CD-ROM with FICO templates, short cuts, and color figures from the book is included with the text. 

Features & Benefits

  • Based on the latest version of mySAP ERP 6.00 and SAP R/3® 4.70
  • Provides overview of sub-modules of FICO
  • Includes over 50 practical business situations and offers probable solutions for each
  • Offers 200 FAQs and simulates nearly 200 certification questions in the first two chapters
  • Includes 150 important transaction codes, along with menu paths arranged according to business processes in the sequence in which they are used
  • Accompanied by a CD-ROM with shortcuts, figures, templates, and other SAP ERP Financial/FICO templates

S. N. Padhi

S.N. Padhi is a Chartered Accountant and has consulted for many industries in the US and throughout the world. He has 16 years of work experience in accounting, finance, taxation & information technology. Trained in SAP FICO, he is currently a practicing consultant and has participated in various projects during SAP roll-outs and implementations.