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The Essence of Materials for Engineers

Author(s): Robert W. Messler, Jr., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • ISBN-13: 9780763778330
  • Hardcover    562 pages      © 2011
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This text is designed for the introductory, one semester course in materials science or as a reference for professional engineers. It addresses what is essential for all engineers to know about the relationship between structure and properties as affected by processing in order to obtain all-important required performance. The organization of topics reflects this key interrelationship, and presents those topics in an order appropriate for students in an introductory course to build their own mental construct or hierarchy. Modern advances in polymers, ceramics, crystals, composites, semiconductors, etc. are discussed with an emphasis on applications in industry.

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Features & Benefits

  • Stresses the use of materials in practical applications using familiar analogies and real-world anecdotes to help explain new concepts
  • Relates materials science to the chemistry, physics, and mathematics that students are taking concurrently in their coursework
  • Written in a comfortable, conversational style, yet with technically accurate language and terminology, all of which is derived from the author's award-winning class lectures
  • Provides learning objectives up-front to pre-sensitize the reader's brain to the most important concepts, as well as to help guide study
  • Organizes the content into parts, and each chapter concludes with a summary to ensure the students’ comprehension of key concepts
  • Uses numerous illustrations to visualize new concepts, while tables collect important information in one convenient construct
  • Instructor resources include solutions to the end of chapter problems and Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides
Part 1  Structure
  Chapter 1  Materials: Building Blocks for Engineers
  Chapter 2  The Periodic Table of Elements: The Key to Understanding Atomic Bonding and Types of Materials
  Chapter 3  Aggregation of Atoms: The Basis for Solid Materials
  Chapter 4  Imperfections in Solid Crystalline Materials: Nature's Better Alternative Than Perfection
  Chapter 5  Amorphous and Semi-crystalline Materials
Part 2  Properties
  Chapter 6  Material Properties: The Response of a Solid Material's Structure to a Stimulus
  Chapter 7  Mechanical Properties of Solids: A Material’s Response to Loads or Forces
  Chapter 8  Deformation Versus Fracture: Different Mechanical Responses to Stresses
  Chapter 9  Electrical Properties of Solids: A Material’s Response to an Electromagnetic Field
  Chapter 10  Thermal Properties of Solids: A Material’s Response to Heat
Part 3  Processing
  Chapter 11  Using Processing to Improve the Mechanical Properties of Solids: Strengthening and Toughening Materials
  Chapter 12  Alloy Phase Diagrams: Maps of Structure as Functions of Composition and Temperature
  Chapter 13  Heat-Induced Transformations in Materials: Improving Properties by Controlled Solidification, Diffusion, or Heat Treatment
  Chapter 14  Strain-Induced Transformations in Materials: Improving Properties by Controlled Deformation
  Chapter 15  Composite Materials: Another Level of the Structure-Property-Process-Performance Relationship
Part 4  Performance
  Chapter 16  Environmental Degradation of Materials: A Cost to Society
  Chapter 17  The Evolution of Materials: Solving Problems and Embarking on New Frontiers

Robert W. Messler, Jr.-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Robert W. Messler, Jr. is the Professor of Materials Science & Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. Dr. Messler is an experienced engineer with extensive experience in industry, from engineer to VP of technology, who teaches what he loves. He is a Fellow of both the ASM International and the American Welding Society, author of four other technical books, and the recipient of numerous National, Institute, School of Engineering, and Materials Science & Engineering Department awards for teaching.


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ISBN-13: 9780763778330

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