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The Design and Implementation of Multimedia Software with Examples in Java

Author(s): David Bernstein, James Madison University
  • ISBN-13: 9780763778125
  • ISBN-10:0763778125
  • Paperback    372 pages      © 2011
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Multimedia is hot and, as a result, there are many books with the word “multimedia” in the title.  The Design and Implementation of Multimedia Software with Examples in Java is intended for software engineers and object-oriented programmers who are interested in designing and developing multimedia software.  At a high level, it discusses the physics, biology and psychology of visual and auditory perception and the implications of these processes for the characterization of multimedia software.  At an intermediate level, it discusses the use of various patterns in the design of multimedia software.  At a lower level, it discusses different ways of adding multimedia functionality to applications of various kinds.  It can be viewed as both a book about multimedia software that uses object-oriented design/programming, and a book about object-oriented design/programming that happens to use visual and auditory examples (such as image processing, vector graphics, video, animation, audio processing, and musical scores).

Features & Benefits

  • Divided into three natural parts to increase clarity. Part I contains introductory material related to software design and multimedia, Part II is devoted to visual content (both static and dynamic), and Part III closes with auditory content.
  • Includes extensive code examples in Java, including a complete multimedia library and numerous applications.
  • Includes a unified framework for developing interchangeable applets/ applications.
  • Proceeds from requirements through alternative designs to the selection and implementation of a particular design.
  • Uses UML diagrams to consider designs at different level of abstraction.
  • Asides callout short discussions that are relevant to the material and Definitions are set apart from the text for quick reference.

Applicable Courses

This text is ideal for the upper-level undergraduate or graduate level course in Software Engineering or for use as a professional reference.

Chapter  1  Background
Chapter  2  Event-Driven Programming
Chapter  3  Programs
Chapter  4  Visual Content
Chapter  5  Sampled Static Visual Content
Chapter  6  Described Static Visual Content
Chapter  7  A Static Visual Content System
Chapter  8  Sampled Dynamic Visual Content
Chapter  9  Described Dynamic Visual Content
Chapter  10  Auditory Content
Chapter  11  Sampled Auditory Content
Chapter  12  Described Auditory Content (Music)

David Bernstein-James Madison University

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ISBN-13: 9780763778125

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