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Delinquency in Society: The Essentials

Author(s): Robert M. Regoli, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado Boulder
John D. Hewitt, PhD, Professor, Grand Valley State University
Matt DeLisi, PhD, Professor, Iowa State University
  • ISBN-13: 9780763777906
  • Paperback    547 pages      © 2011
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Delinquency in Society: The Essentials is a concise introduction to the important topics covered by the same authors in the popular Delinquency in Society, Eighth Edition. This practical text explores how juvenile delinquency is defined, measured, and explained, as well as how the juvenile justice system deals with delinquent youth. The new Essentials text provides separate chapters focusing on the police, juvenile courts, corrections, and delinquency prevention.

Key Features:

  • Detailed descriptions of delinquency, criminal acts, and status offenses engaged in by juveniles enhance one's understanding of juvenile delinquency
  • Coverage of principle theories including Cultural Deviance, Strain, and Life Course serve to develop a greater foundation of understanding.
  • Cutting-edge discussion of the biosocial paradigm that articulates the interplay between nature and nurture in the development of delinquency
  • Accompanied by a Companion Web Site offering a comprehensive set of Instructor Resources and an Interactive Study Guide for Students.

Find the value-added bundle of Juvenile Delinquency Essentials with eChapters under the Resources tab with content from Juvenile Delinquency: An Integrated Approach, Second Edition, by James Burfeind, PhD, University of Montana and Criminological Theory: A Life-Course Approach by Matt DeLisi, PhD, Iowa State University and Kevin M. Beaver, Florida State University

Applicable Courses

This text is ideal for undergradudate Juvenile Delinquency or Juvenile Justice courses in Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Sociology programs. 

Section  1  Nature and Extent of Delinquency
  Chapter  1  Defining Delinquency
  Chapter  2  Measuring Delinquency
Section  2  Delinquency Theories
  Chapter  3  Choice, Biological, and Psychological Theories
  Chapter  4  Sociological Theories: Cultural Deviance, Strain, and Social Control
  Chapter  5  Sociological Theories: Labeling and Conflict Explanations
  Chapter  6  Developmental Theories
Section  3  The Social Context of Delinquency
  Chapter  7  The Family and Delinquency
  Chapter  8  Schools and Delinquency
  Chapter  9  Violence, Drug Use, and Delinquency
  Chapter  10  Peer-Group and Gang Delinquency
Section  4  The Juvenile Justice System
  Chapter  11  Police and Delinquency
  Chapter  12  The Juvenile Court
  Chapter  13  Juvenile Corrections
  Chapter  14  Delinquency Prevention

Robert M. Regoli, PhD-Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado Boulder

Robert M. Regoli is professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Colorado. In 1975, he received his PhD in sociology from Washington State University. Professor Regoli has found himself in an assortment of roles in the criminal justice system. In addition to having published more than 100 scholarly papers and authoring more than 10 books on topics ranging from police cynicism and causes of delinquency to unreported rule infractions in prisons, he also has been a crime victim, misdemeanor offender, criminal complainant and witness,  jury member, and legal consultant. Dr. Regoli is also a past-president and fellow of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, former executive editor of The Social Science Journal, recipient of two William J. Fulbright senior specialist awards, and member of Phi Beta Kappa. Today, Dr. Regoli’s research is focused on the social organization of the fast-growing sport of pickleball, with an eye toward understanding the evolution of the game’s norms, roles, hierarchies, and mechanisms of social control that affect its play.

John D. Hewitt, PhD-Professor, Grand Valley State University

John D. Hewitt recently retired as professor of criminal justice at Grand Valley State University. He was born in Carmel, California, grew up in Indiana, and then completed his undergraduate work at Western Washington State College and his PhD at Washington State University. He has taught for more 30 years at small and large state colleges and universities, as well as in small liberal arts colleges in the Midwest and West. During his career, Dr. Hewitt was a member of the Board of Directors of the Delaware County Youth Services Bureau, president of the Board of Directors at Bethel Place for Boys, and testified as an expert witness in Arizona on the identification of youth gangs in schools. He has written extensively about issues of crime, criminal justice, and delinquency, including co-authoring Exploring Criminal Justice (with Robert Regoli, Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2008); Exploring Criminal Justice: The Essentials (with Robert Regoli, Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2017); and The Impact of Sentencing Reform, as well as numerous articles on issues ranging from the oppression of children and adolescent risk taking, to youth gangs and violence and juvenile justice policy in The People’s Republic of China.

Matt DeLisi, PhD-Professor, Iowa State University

Matt DeLisi is coordinator of criminal justice studies, professor in the department of sociology, and faculty affiliate with the Center for the Study of Violence at Iowa State University. Professor DeLisi has published nearly 350 scholarly works and his research interests are juvenile delinquency, criminal careers, psychopathy and psychopathology, molecular and behavioral genetics, inmate behavior, and testing criminological theories. Professor DeLisi is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Criminal Justice and is fellow of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

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