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Varney's Pocket Midwife, Second Edition

Author(s): Jan M. Kriebs, CNM, MSN, FACNM, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Maryland
Carolyn L. Gegor, CNM, MS, FACNM, Georgetown University, Washington, Washington D.C.
  • ISBN-13: 9780763774660
  • Spiral/paperback    616 pages      © 2005
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A companion to Varney, 4th ed. The only concise but comprehensive pocket guide covering all stages of pregnancy that puts essential information at the midwife's fingertips. The text is divided into 18 sections, including midwifery overview, primary care, gynecology , antepartum, intrapartum, newborn and postpartum, each of which includes content, charts, tables, figures, and the relevant "hands-on" skills.

Features & Benefits

Expanded gynecology content

Newly updated complications of pregnancy sections

Useful for students in the clinic setting as an aide to the larger Varney text

Perfect for newer midwives as an easy access to quick reminders


Section 1: The Profession of Midwifery

Section 2: Basic Tools for Patient Care

Section 3: Lifestyle: Nutrition, Exercise, Substance Abuse

Section 4: Primary Care

Section 5: Reproductive Health

Section 6: Infections of the Genital Tract

Section 7: Contraception

Section 8: Care of the Older Woman
Section 9: Preconception Care
Section 10: Antepartum Care of the Pregnant Woman

Section 11: Antepartum Complications

Section 12: Birth in the Home and in the Birth Center

Section 13: Intrapartum Care of the Pregnant Woman
Section 14: Intrapartum and Immediate Postpartum Complications

Section 15: Postpartum Period
Section 16: Immediate Care of the Newborn

Section 17: Primary Care of the Infant

Section 18: Infant Feeding


Jan M. Kriebs, CNM, MSN, FACNM-Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Maryland

Jan Kriebs, CNM MSN FACNM is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences Department at the University of Maryland. She retired from the University as Director of Midwifery in 2015. She remains active professionally, serving with the CDC Elimination of Maternal Child Transmission of HIV Working Group, the Maryland Direct Entry Midwifery Advisory Committee and the CMP Committee of AMCB. She holds an adjunct position with the Philadelphia University Midwifery Program. Her current research addresses issues affecting perinatally infected young women living with HIV and their reproductive experiences. With Dr Hackley, she authored the text Primary Care for Women, which received the 2008 Best Book Award from ACNM. She is a co-author of Varney’s Midwifery,5th edition.

Additional Titles by this Author

Carolyn L. Gegor, CNM, MS, FACNM-Georgetown University, Washington, Washington D.C.

Carolyn L. Gegor is currently teaching midwifery at Georgetown University. She established midwifery practices at both the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University to provide full scope care to women, to teach, and to participate in research. Ms. Gegor has lectured and published on midwifery, ultrasound, and professional liability. Her goal has always been to further the profession and philosophy of midwifery with respect for women and through the appropriate use of technology. Ms. Gegor has been active with ACNM in the areas of Clinical Practice and Professional Liability, and is a member of the ACNM Foundation Board of Directors.

  • "This book would certainly be of value to any student midwife. It includes the basics, such as hand maneuvers for normal birth. Even the advanced clinician can benefit from having certain items at his/her fingertips. The advantage particularly is true for unusual events, such as recognizing and managing ectopic pregnancies, appendicitis, or hydatidiform mole."

    Mary Brucker, CNM, DNSc, FACNM

    Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health
    February 2006

    "This is a valuable pocket handbook for the clinical area, featuring tables, illustrations and figures spanning all stages of pregnancy and childbirth."

    Canadian Nurse
    November 2005