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Pediatric Physical Examination & Health Assessment

Author(s): Susan S. Sawyer, PhD, RN, CPNP, Associate Clinical Professor, Regis College, Weston, Massachusetts
  • ISBN-13: 9780763774387
  • Paperback    672 pages      © 2012
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Pediatric Physical Examination & Health Assessment explores physical examinations of pediatric clients from newborn through adolescence while providing key insights into how to conduct and assess them. A beginning guide for those learning to perform physical examinations on patients from birth through adolescence, this text describes the many examination techniques for infants and children throughout their development. Approaching each system from a developmental perspective, each chapter addresses a specific system divided into four major components: interviewing techniques, anatomy and physiology, examination techniques, and normal variations and common abnormal findings all detailing how to approach each age group from infant to adolescent.

Since treating pediatric patients requires building ease and trust, each chapter includes seize the opportunity suggestions to help you assess that part of the body readily available without being intrusive or causing fear and discomfort. Further, following many chapters is a case study that incorporates diagnostic reasoning, critical thinking, and evidence-based practice. 

Applicable Courses

Graduate-level courses for nurse practitioners in pediatrics or family practice

  Chapter  1  Family Dynamics
  Chapter  2  Interview Process and Health History
  Chapter  3  Assessment Techniques and Vital Signs
  Chapter  4  Newborn Assessment
  Chapter  5  Examination of the Skin, Hair and Nails
  Chapter  6  Examination of the Eye
  Chapter  7  Examination of the Head, Neck and Lymphatics
  Chapter  8  Examination of the Ear, Nose, Throat
  Chapter  9  Examination of the Lungs & Thorax
  Chapter  10  Cardiovascular Examination
  Chapter  11  Examination of the Abdomen
  Chapter  12  Musculoskeletal Examination
  Chapter  13  Examination of the Central Nervous System
  Chapter  14  Male and Female Genitalia
  Chapter  15  Breast and Axillae
  Chapter  16  Integration of the Examination: Putting It All Together

Susan S. Sawyer, PhD, RN, CPNP-Associate Clinical Professor, Regis College, Weston, Massachusetts

Dr. Susan Sawyer obtained her master’s degree in nursing from Boston University and currently practices as a pediatric nurse practitioner. She obtained her PhD at the University of Massachusetts where her dissertation was based on the school nurse’s ability to assess the child with asthma. She is an Associate Professor at Regis College in Weston, Ma., where she developed the pediatric primary care tract , and also developed the advanced pediatric health assessment course. Her professional development has been devoted to understanding, managing and caring for the under-served child with both acute and chronic illnesses. Dr. Sawyer has worked in primary care and with specialized populations such as pediatric neurology, early intervention and rural health. and has delivered numerous full-day presentations on pediatric primary care through-out the country.   

  • This book has an excellent lay out - it is very logical and I think it will help the pediatric nurse practitioner student grasp the pediatric exam quickly. The SOAP formating of the text layout is wonderful.

    Ann Sheehan
    Grand Valley State University

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ISBN-13: 9780763774387

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