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Web Programming and Internet Technologies: An E-Commerce Approach

Author(s): Porter Scobey, PhD, Saint Mary's University, Halifax
Pawan Lingras, PhD, Saint Mary's University, Halifax
  • ISBN-13: 9780763773878
  • Paperback    550 pages      © 2013
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Today's Web programmers are required to understand and use the tools and skills for both client and server-side programming. Web Programming and Internet Technologies: An E-Commerce Approach provides an accessible, comprehensive introduction to creating fully functioning websites with e-commerce capabilities. Ideal for the one-term course, or as a self-learning guide for professionals, the authors weave a continuing case study of a real-world commercial enterprise throughout the text that gradually grows in sophistication. Introductory chapters ask readers to create a simple website that uses the basic features of XHTML. Readers will continue to modify and expand their early work, creating a centralized mechanism for changing the look and feel of the site via cascading style sheets, and incorporating JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and much more. A CD-ROM is included with every new printed copy of the text and includes complete and pre-tested XHTML and CSS markup for all web pages discussed, as well as all associated JavaScript and PHP scripts, and the data for setting up the MySQL database. With its hands-on, active-learning approach, students using this new full-color text will see, and experience first-hand, the many levels and capabilities of programming for the world wide web.

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Features & Benefits

  • Based on a real business model, this full-color text provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of creating a complete website with e-commerce capabilities.
  • Uses a project-based approach that asks readers to develop a website whose functionality will parallel that of the real-world case study in the text.
  • Includes examples and screen shots of real websites throughout for readers to reference.
  • Presents and utilizes mainstream and relevant open-source and widely used technologies: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, XML, and more.
  • Every chapter concludes with a collection of activities to assure the reader has a full understanding of the chapter material. These activities include:
    • quick questions to test the readers basic knowledge of the content,
    • short exercises to improve basic understanding,
    • 'Exercises on the Parallel Project' that guides the reader through creating his/her own fully functional commercial website,
    • a section titled 'What Else You May Want or Need to Know', containing additional information relevant to the chapter
    • and finally, a reference section with links to websites for further details and explanations of the topics covered in the chapter.
  • The accompanying CD-ROM contains complete and pre-tested XHTML and CSS markup for all web pages discussed in the text, as well as all associated JavaScript and PHP scripts, and the data for setting up the MySQL database (eBook version does not include the CD-ROM).
  • Instructor resources include PowerPoint Lecture Outlines with images and graphics from the text, answers to the end of chapter questions and exercises, and a Test Bank.

Applicable Courses

Ideal for the one-term course in Web programming, or as a self-study guide for professionals.

Chapter  1  Setting the Scene
Chapter  2  Establishing a Web Presence
Chapter  3  XHTML for Content Structure
Chapter  4  CSS for Content Presentation
Chapter  5  XHTML Forms for Data Collection and Submission
Chapter  6  JavaScript for Client-Side Computation and Data Validation
Chapter  7  JavaScript for Client-Side Content Behavior
Chapter  8  PHP for Server-Side Preprocessing
Chapter  9  MySQL for Server-Side Data Storage
Chapter  10  PHP and MySQL for Client-Server Database Interaction
Chapter  11  XML (eXtensible Markup Language) for Data Description
Chapter  12  Collecting, Analyzing and Using Visitor Data

Porter Scobey, PhD-Saint Mary's University, Halifax

Dr. Scobey has taught full time in the Department of Mathematics and Computing Science at Saint Mary's University since September of 1969. In mathematics he taught courses in the pre-calculus and three-year calculus sequence, linear and abstract algebra, mathematical statistics, and operations research. Since 1984 he has been teaching almost exclusively in the area of computing science, including courses in introductory programming, data structures and software engineering, survey of programming languages, internet technologies and web programming, and discrete mathematics for computing science.

Dr. Scobey began his programming experience with FORTRAN on the IBM 1620 in 1963 and has worked as a contract programmer and operations research consultant, in addition to his teaching experience. He has programmed to a greater or lesser extent in BASIC, FORTRAN, Pascal, C, C++, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Java, LISP, PROLOG, and SMALLTALK, and has worked on the VMS, Unix, X-Window, Macintosh, DOS, and Windows platforms.

Pawan Lingras, PhD-Saint Mary's University, Halifax

Pawn Lingras is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computing Science at Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada. He has authored more than 160 research papers in various international journals and conferences. He has also co-authored two textbooks, and co-edited two books and five volumes of research papers. His areas of interests include artificial intelligence, information retrieval, data mining, web intelligence, and intelligent transportation systems. He has served as the general co-chair, program co-chair, review committee chair, program committee member, and reviewer for various international conferences on artificial intelligence and data mining. He is also on editorial boards of a number of international journals.

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ISBN-13: 9780763773878

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