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Becoming a Nurse Educator: Dialogue for an Engaging Career

Author(s): CeCelia R. Zorn, PhD, RN, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • ISBN-13: 9780763771119
  • Paperback    168 pages      © 2010
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Becoming a Nurse Educator: Dialogue for an Engaging Career is a practical guide developed to help new and emerging nurse educators in their career development. Written in a straight-forward manner, it presents teaching experiences mixed with theoretical discussion and specific teaching strategies to assist new nursing educators in finding meaning in their career. This essential guide contains popular and professional literature, nurse educator experiences, stories, quotes, and discussion questions.

Becoming a Nurse Educator: Dialogue for an Engaging Career is a must-have resource for any nursing educator and nursing education students.

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Unit  1  Knowing the Self as Teacher
  Chapter  1  Then and Now: A Call to Pause
  Chapter  2  Honoring the Present in the Best and Worst Year
  Chapter  3  “As If”: More of That First Year
  Chapter  4  Scott’s Spirit on Lassen Peak: Finding the Spirit That Sustains You
  Chapter  5  The Rhythm of Education: Dr. Harriet Werley, Thank You for Teaching Me
Unit  2  Relationships with Students
  Chapter  6  How Can the Students Help Us Teach?
  Chapter  7  Presence with Students: Posing Interest, Not Merely Paying Attention
Unit  3  Teaching Practices That I Am Practicing
  Chapter  8  Clinical Teaching Is Where the Magic Lies
  Chapter  9  The Novel: “Listen Her and She Will Show Us Everything”
  Chapter  10  The Students Co-Construct the Classroom
  Chapter  11  Creative Projects: “Could You Please Tell Us What You’re Looking For?”
Unit  4  Nursing Education as Liberal Education
  Chapter  12  Teaching Life, Not Teaching Work

CeCelia R. Zorn, PhD, RN-University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Dr. CeCelia R. Zorn has an exemplary background in nursing education, scholarly writing, and educational research. A nurse educator for 30 years, she has received multiple education honors, including an alumni-named university-wide teaching award and the prestigious Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Wisconsin Professor of the Year. Her extensive teaching experience includes associate, baccalaureate, and master’s education in the classroom and in clinical. She has used various face-to-face, distance education, and on-line approaches. Also, for over two decades, Dr. Zorn has collaborated with several colleagues abroad to create numerous international student and faculty education and research activities.

In her commitment to quality nursing education, Dr. Zorn has a long history of providing on-going preceptorship and mentorship with new faculty around teaching and their professional and personal development. In addition, she has taught graduate-level nursing education courses for over a decade. These new faculty and graduate students are precisely the targeted readers for this book.

Furthermore, she has linked an active nursing practice and professional clinical consultant role to her teaching and scholarship. She also was privileged to receive committed and beneficial mentorship throughout her own evolution as a teacher; to this day, she attests to its value and essence in her success as a faculty.

As a result of all these experiences, Dr. Zorn stays close to the center of new faculty—their aspirations, their struggles, and their life launching an engaging career. She is devoted to the success of new faculty and brings a zealous enthusiasm, a twist of light-heartedness, and a well-developed capability to this book.


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